Network Training - Course Details

ADBDST Advanced Digital Broadband Delivery Systems Troubleshooting

Network Training Course Description:
The Advanced Digital Broadband Delivery Systems Troubleshooting instructor-led course focuses on the logical progression of actions to take when troubleshooting a digital broadband delivery system (DBDS). As a follow-on course to Activating and Operating a DNCS, this course focuses on making sure you have the expertise to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot the system. You will use tools such as set-top diagnostic screens, digital network control system (DNCS) alarms, and various UNIX utilities to isolate and troubleshoot common DBDS problems. Your learning is enhanced through the use of hands-on lab exercises designed to actively engage your troubleshooting skills.
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
System engineers,Technical support personnel,Channel partners, resellers
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Activating and Operating Digital Subscriber Networks course,Network Technology Bootcamp and Introduction to UNIX are recommended
Course Content:

    • Module 1: Principles of Troubleshooting and Tools
    • Module 2: Reviewing and Creating Broadcast Services
    • Module 3: Troubleshooting Broadcast Services
    • Module 4: Troubleshooting the Interactive Program Guide
    • Module 5: Troubleshooting Impulse Pay per View
    • Module 6: Maintaining the DBDS
    • Module 7: Troubleshooting the Entire System

  • Lab Outline

    • Labs 1–3: Troubleshooting Broadcast Services
    • Labs 4–6: Troubleshooting the Interactive Program Guide
    • Labs 7–9: Troubleshooting Reservation Pay per View
    • Labs 10–12: Troubleshooting Interactive Pay per View
    • Labs 13–15: Troubleshooting the DBDS