PeopleSoft - Course Details

BAR91(TD) Benefits Administration Rel 9.1 (Training On Demand)

PeopleSoft Course Description:
Participants will learn to define eligibility rules based on factors such as age, status, employee type, job or group of jobs, duration of service, company, and pay. They will also define event rule parameters that control how and when an event is processed. They will set up automated benefits programs, enroll employees automatically into benefit plans, create employee communications such as enrollment forms and confirmation letters, change elections and coverage, process an Open Enrollment and perform Event Maintenance. In addition, participants will establish validation across plan types, run an eligibility Snapshot, review Event Coordination, troubleshoot errors, and set up PeopleSoft eBenefits to process enrollments via self-service.
PeopleSoft Course Duration:
5 Days Training
PeopleSoft Course Target Audience:
Developer,Functional Implementer,Reports Developer,System Analysts
PeopleSoft Course Prerequisite:
Thorough understanding of Benefits control tables,Basic understanding of payroll processing,Experience with enrolling employees into benefit programs and plans,Practical experience with open enrollment benefits process
Course Content:
Reviewing the Benefits Business Process
  • Identifying the differences between Base Benefits and Benefits Administration
  • Explaining the Base Benefits Process
  • Identifying the Base Benefits Foundation Tables
  • Describing the Base Benefits Building Blocks
  • Defining a Benefit Program and Listing the Benefit Program Records
  • Describing the Components that make up a Benefits Adminstration Program
  • Explaining Flexible Credits
  • Defining Cross-Plan Validation
Setting Up Automated Benefits Programs
  • Activating Benefits Administration
  • Determining the Benefits Administration Start Date
  • Identifying the Fields Activated with Benefits Administration
Setting Up Eligibility for Automated Benefits Programs
  • Defining Benefit Eligibility Rules
  • Setting Up Employee Eligibility Criteria
  • Using Configurable Parameters
  • Identifying Employee Eligibility Overrides
Setting Up Events for Automated Benefit Programs
  • Defining Events in Benefits Administration
  • Identifying Benefits Administration Actions
  • Identifying Event Classes
  • Defining Event Rules
  • Examining Default Methods
  • Setting Up Event Rules for Open Enrollment
Creating an Automated Benefit Program Table
  • Building an Automated Benefit Program
  • Defining Plan Type and Options for a Program
  • Defining Costs and Credits for a Program
Setting Up Health Plans
  • Defining Eligibility Based on Employees’ Geographic Location
  • Creating Eligibility Criteria at the Benefit Option Level
  • Defining Event Processing Rules for Health Plans
  • Controlling the Display of Plan Types and Options
Setting Up Life Insurance and Disability Plans
  • Setting Up Event Rules for Life Insurance and Disability Plans
  • Cloning an Event Rule
Defining Credits
  • Defining Flexible Credits
  • Identifying Earning Codes and Programs Used for Flexible Credits
  • Setting Up Program General Credits
  • Setting Up Plan Type General Credits
  • Setting Up Option-Based Credits
  • Reviewing Employee Additional Pay Data
Setting Up Savings Plans
  • Defining Savings Plan Event Rules
Setting Up Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Defining a Conbtribution Frequency and Annual Limits
  • Defining Event Rules for Flexible Spending Accounts
Setting Up Vacation Buy and Sell Plans
  • Setting Up Vacation Buy and Sell Deductions
  • Describing the Impact of Vacation Buy and Sell Plans on Leave Accrual Balances
  • Defining Earnings Codes for Vacation Buy and Sell
  • Viewing Employee Vacation Benefit Enrollment
  • Reviewing Eligibility Rules for Vacation Buy and Sell
Reviewing Employee Records in Benefits Administration
  • Reviewing the Benefits Administration Process
  • Defining a Default Benefit Program
  • Describing the Difference Between Base Benefits and Benefits Administration Enrollments
  • Reviewing Employees’ Benefits Elections
Preparing for Open Enrollment
  • Creating Pay Calendars
  • Reviewing the Base Benefits Audit Report
  • Defining Benefits Administration Processing Groups
  • Setting Up an Open Enrollment Definition
  • Creating Benefits Administration Processing Schedules
Examining the Benefits Administration Process
  • Identifying Process Statuses at Each Phase of the Benefits Administration Process
  • Identifying Benefits Administration Processing Records
  • Describing Each Phase of the Benefits Administration Process
Running Open Enrollment
  • Identifying Open Enrollment Steps
  • Defining the Run Control Options for the Benefits Administration Process
  • Producing Benefits Enrollment Statements, Reprocessing Open Enrollment, and Reprinting Statements
  • Viewing Benefits Processing Records for Employees
  • Performing Employee Election Entry
  • Printing Confirmation Statements
  • Finalizing Open Enrollment
  • Preparing for Next Year's Open Enrollment
Using Cross Plan Validation
  • Setting Up Cross Plan Validation in a Benefit Program
  • Creating Domestic Partner or Non-Qualified Dependent Benefit Plans
Preparing and Running the Event Maintenance Process
  • Reviewing Event Classes and Identifying Event Triggers
  • Defining Benefit Statuses and Actions
  • Defining Event Classes
  • Defining and Updating Event Rules
  • Triggering Events for Event Maintenance
  • Identifying Event Maintenance Process Phases
  • Validating Elections and Finalizing Event Maintenance
  • Processing On-Demand Event Maintenance
Running the Snapshot Process
  • Defining the Snapshot Event Class
  • Defining the Snapshot Event Rules
  • Defining the Snapshot Definition
  • Defining the Snapshot Schedule
  • Running the Snapshot Process
Coordinating Multiple Events and Benefits Administration Troubleshooting
  • Coordinating Event Maintenance and Open Enrollment
  • Coordingating Multiple Benefits Events
  • Troubleshooting Errors in Benefits Administration
Using eBenefits with Benefits Administration
  • Explaining eBenefits Functionality
  • Definig eBenefits Setup
  • Using eBenefits for Enrollment
Using Multiple Jobs with Benefits Administration
  • Defining Multiple Jobs
  • Setting Benefit Record Numbers for Employees
  • Specifying Multiple Job Processing Options
  • Setting Multiple Job Options for Eligibility Rules
  • Setting Multiple Job Options for Geographic Location
  • Reviewing Eligibility with Multiple Jobs
  • Calculating Benefits Deductions for Multiple Jobs
  • Reviewing Processing Results