SAP - Course Details

CO0001 SAP CO Cost Center Accounting (User)

SAP Course Description:
This course will give you a broad overview of SAP CO cost center accounting. You will learn to perform the daily tasks most frequently used in SAP CO controlling, Cost Center. The course is divided into these main sections: a) CO master data, b) CO postings, c) Reposting, d) Cost center group, e) Cycle assessment cost allocation, f) Cycle distribution cost allocation, g) CO reports.
SAP Course Duration:
1 Day training.
SAP Course Target Audience:
Executives and Managers, Business and Strategy Consultants, People interested in mySAP ERP Controlling, Client Cross Functional Users, Project Team Members, Super Users, Accountants.
SAP Course Prerequisite:
A general understanding of controlling
Course Content:
  • Create cost center and Cost center group

  • Display CO hierarchy and the assignment monitor

  • Post vendor invoice to cost center

  • Actual vs plan cost center report

  • Actual line items cost center report

  • Repost line items

  • Manual reposting of costs

  • Cost center group

  • Cost element group

  • CO hierarchy report

  • Create assessment cycle for cost allocation

  • Execute actual assessment cost allocation

  • Reverse actual assessment

  • Create distribution cycle for cost allocation

  • Execute actual distribution cost allocation

  • Actual costs line items report