PeopleSoft - Course Details

CRMACR91 CRM Automation and Configuration Rel 9.1

PeopleSoft Course Description:
The course provides ample opportunities for students to practice using these tools to meet an organization's business needs. By taking this course, participants gain a solid understanding of how they can automate the business processes of their organization. They also learn how to utilize various configuration tools provided by the system. For example, they will understand how to modify the appearance of display template-enabled components and pages, as well as learn how to take advantage of the Active Analytics Framework to build “if-then” business logic for applications. By the end of the course, participants will have had the opportunity to learn how their organization can take advantage of the built-in configuration and automation tools provided in PeopleSoft Enterprise CRM.
PeopleSoft Course Duration:
5 Days Training
PeopleSoft Course Target Audience:
Functional Implementer,System Analysts,Technical Administrator,Technical Consultant
PeopleSoft Course Prerequisite:
Familiarity with using set up options and pages in PeopleSoft CRM,Basic understanding of automation and configuration,Familiarity with SetID and Business Unit concepts,Basic Understanding of Customer Data
Course Content:
Working with Business Object Relationships
  • Describing Business Objects (BOs)
  • Describing the BORM
Working with Business Object Search and Quick Create
  • Describing Business Object (BO) Search and Quick Create
  • Using BO Search
  • Using Quick Create
Configuring the 360-Degree View
  • Describing the 360-Degree View
  • Configuring 360-Degree View Search Pages
  • Defining Transactions for the 360-Degree View Page
  • Configuring the Profile Group Box
  • Defining Dynamic Grids
  • Configuring the Action Tree
  • Setting Up Role-Based Presentation Options
Configuring Active Analytics Framework
  • Describing Active Analytics Framework
  • Describing Active Analytics Framework Setup Options
Building Policies
  • Describing Policies
  • Defining Terms
  • Defining Actions
  • Building Policies
Configuring Workflow
  • Describing Workflow
  • Setting Up Workflow Actions
  • Setting Up Workflow Email Templates
Configuring Business Projects
  • Describing Business Projects
  • Setting Up Tasks and Phases
  • Setting Up Business Projects
  • Using Business Project Administrative Tools
Using Scripts
  • Describing Scripts
  • Running Scripts
Configuring Scripts
  • Describing Script Setup
  • Setting Up Supporting Building Blocks
  • Setting Up Core Building Blocks
  • Setting Up Scripts
Sending Correspondence
  • Describing Correspondence Management
  • Sending Correspondence
Configuring Correspondence Management
  • Defining Business Rules for Correspondence Management
  • Defining Correspondence Templates
Configuring Profiles
  • Describing Profiles
  • Setting Up Profiles
Configuring Search Pages
  • Describing Configurable Search Pages
  • Configuring Basic Search Page Options
  • Configuring Advanced Search Page Options
  • Configuring Search Fields
  • Configuring Search Results Grids
Configuring Toolbars
  • Describing PeopleSoft CRM Toolbars
  • Setting Up Toolbar Buttons
  • Using Delivered Toolbar Buttons
  • Setting Up Toolbars
Configuring Display Templates
  • Describing Display Templates
  • Configuring Display Templates for Components
Configuring System-Level Settings for Verity Search
  • Describing Verity Search
  • Defining Thesaurus and Noisewords
  • Defining Search Index Templates
  • Configuring Search Options
Building Search Collections
  • Describing Search Collections
  • Building Search Collections