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CRMFHER91 CRM Fundamentals for Higher Education Rel 9.1

PeopleSoft Course Description:
This course provides information for setting up CRM for Higher Education components as well as learning about the key integration points. Specifically, Students will learn how to enable the system, configure the CRM and Campus Solutions databases for communication, set up and work with Enterprise Integration Points (EIPs), configure the Search/Match utility and the 360-Degree Constituent View, and test the integration to ensure that everything is functioning correctly.
PeopleSoft Course Duration:
1 Days Training
PeopleSoft Course Target Audience:
Functional Implementer,Sales Consultants,Technical Consultant
PeopleSoft Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
Course Overview
Business Process Overview
  • Describing the Components of CRM for Higher Education
  • Understanding the CRM for Higher Education Process Flow
  • Finding Information about CRM for Higher Education and Campus Solutions
Enabling CRM for Higher Education
  • Setting Up Single Signon
  • Activating the PeopleSoft Higher Education 360 Service Operation and Routing
  • Configuring PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to Define Integration Data
Getting Started With CRM for Higher Education
  • Identifying the Components You Will Need
  • Understanding Concepts
  • Identifying the Sequence
  • Understanding Campus Solutions Dependencies
  • Understanding How to Set Up Security
Setting Up the Components for CRM for Higher Education
  • Understanding the CRM for Higher Education Components
  • Setting up EIPs
  • Setting Up Search/Match Functionality
Working with EIPs
  • Understanding EIPs and Their Function
  • Describing EIPs Delivered with CRM for Higher Education
  • Understanding the Business Process Flow for EIPs
  • Customizing EIPs
Testing the Integration
  • Verifying Search/Match
  • Testing the Integration
Working With the 360-Degree View
  • Understanding the CRM 360 Degree Constituent View
  • Setting Up the CRM 360 Degree Constituent View
  • Configuring the CRM 360 Degree Constituent View
Course Review