PeopleSoft - Course Details

CSR90MPSF Campus Solutions 9.0: Managing Payments through Student Financials

PeopleSoft Course Description:
A demonstration of how to set up a cashier’s office and accept payment including credit card for student and/or corporate accounts is followed by setting up external file layouts and importing external batch files. Financial Aid awarding and disbursement rules are discussed to understand how payment ultimately gets posted to the student account. Additionally, participants create a Payment Plan and Third Party contract as well as link the student to the contract using Mass Selection and/or linking students individually to the contract. ePayment setup and process for the traditional-integrated and hosted model is discussed in depth and a demonstration is offered on how to make a payment using the hosted model.
PeopleSoft Course Duration:
3 Days Training
PeopleSoft Course Target Audience:
nd Users,Functional Implementer,Project Manager
PeopleSoft Course Prerequisite:
Understanding of basic navigation and PeopleSoft Concepts,Understanding of Student and Corporate Accounts,Able to run processes and reports
Course Content:
Understanding Item Tree, Item Type and Item Type Group
  • Setting up Item Type Tree
  • Setting up Payment Allocation and Restriction on Item Types
  • Item Type Groups
Creating and Using Payment Application Rules
  • Setting up of Charge Priority rules
  • Setting up of Payment Overall Priority Rules
  • Payment Applier
  • Payment Shuffle
Describe Payment Processes
  • Post Student Payments
  • Group post
  • Financial Aid
  • ePayment Process
  • Cashier
Setting Up SF Cashiering and Processing Credit Card through Cashiering
  • Describing Cashiering Business Process
  • Setting up SF Cashiering
  • Opening Cashier Office
  • Processing Payment Through Cashiering office
  • Review E-Payment Transaction Log
  • Processing Interim Deposit
  • Closing a Cashier Office
  • Running Reports
Setup and Process Payment through Batch Processes and External File Load
  • Setting up Group Post requirement
  • Processing Payments through Group Post
  • Posting Group Post
  • Setting up External File Layouts
  • Entering External Batch File
Understanding how Financial Aid Payments get applied to a Student Account
  • Setting up Financial Aid Disbursement rules for Disbursing and Posting to Student Financials
  • Processing Financial Aid
  • Posting Financial Aid Batch
Setting up and Process Payment Plan Payments
  • Understanding Payment Plans
  • Setting up of Payment Plan Contracts
  • Setting up of Defer Contract
  • Setting up of Third Par
  • Linking Students to Payment Plan Contracts
  • Methods of Applying Payment
Setting up and Process ePayments via Traditional and Hosted Method
  • ePayment Initial setup
  • Setting up for Self Service ePayment
  • Setting up ePayment using Traditional Model - Integration Broker
  • Processing Self Service ePayment Transactions using Traditional Model- Integration Broker
  • Setting up ePayment using Hosted Payment
  • Testing ePayment and Hosted Payment transaction
  • Processing Self Service ePayment Transactions using Hosted Payment Model
Perform Refunds and Cancellation of Transaction
  • Processing Refunds for ePayments
  • Viewing and Canceling Self Service Credit Card Transactions
  • SF CVV Purge