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CUICEUv11-CUICEU CUICEU v1.1 - Cisco Unified Intelligence Center for End Users

Network Training Course Description:
Cisco Unified Intelligence Center 8.0.4 is a comprehensive, end-to-end reporting solution, designed to make the task of creating and modifying reports. It also can manage disparate data sources and, at the same time, present a consistent user interface and a common tool to access varied data across multiple Cisco product families. This course replaces DUIC 1.1 - Deploying Cisco Unified Intelligence Center. If you intend to take CUICAU, you do not need to take this course. CUICAU includes the content from CUICEU.
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
Cisco technical customers (IT, telephony members, etc.),Cisco technology partners,Cisco employees
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:

  • 1. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Overview

    • Introducing CUIC
      • CUIC Primary Goal
      • CUIC Deployment Models
      • High-Level Architecture
      • Personalizing Reports
      • Operation, Administration, Maintenance, and Provisioning
      • Using CUIC
      • Working with Stock Reports
      • Dashboards

  • 2. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Administration and Security

    • Managing Users and Security in CUIC
      • Security Model: Authentication
      • User Security
      • Predefined CUIC Objects
      • Permissions for Objects
      • Adding a User
      • Adding a User Group
      • Log In the New Users
      • Security Use Cases
      • Best Practices for User Security

  • 3. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Reports

    • Running CUIC Reports
      • Real-Time vs. Historical Reports
      • Stock Reporting Templates: Unified Contact Center Enterprise (CCE)
      • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Deployed with Unified CCE
      • Setting Up Unified CCE as a Data Source
      • Running a Unified CCE Stock Report
      • Available Stock Reports: Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP)
      • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Deployed with Cisco Unified CVP
      • Unified CVP Stock Report output
    • Using Permalinks
      • Permalinks
      • Reporting Permalinks
      • Dashboard Permalinks
    • Modifying CUIC Stock Reports
      • Modifying Reports
      • Creating a Copy of a Stock Report
      • Modifying the New Report

  • 4. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Custom Reporting

    • Creating a New CUIC Report
      • Knowing Your Data Source
      • Reporting in a Multichannel Environment
      • Creating a New Report
      • Creating a Dashboard

  • 5. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Installation, Administration, and Security

    • Installing CUIC
      • Before You Install CUIC
      • Installation Process
      • Logging into CUIC
      • Applying the License File
      • Defining a New Member Node
    • CUIC Administration
      • Administration User Management
      • Managing Devices
      • Control Center
      • Report Scheduler E-Mail Settings
      • Cisco Unified CCE User Integration
    • Using Value Lists and Collections
      • What Are Value Lists and Collections?
      • Associating a Value List with a Report: Database Query
      • Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Query Types
      • Associate a Value List with a Report: Anonymous Block or Stored Procedure
      • Creating a Collection
      • Collection Types
      • Management and Security

  • 6. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center Custom Reporting

    • Cisco Unified CCE Key Concepts
      • WebView vs. Unified Intelligence Center
      • Characteristics of Unified CCE Data
      • Why Report Data Can Differ
      • Importance of Configuration and Scripting
    • Using Report Definitions
      • Report Definitions and Reports
      • Creating a Report Definition
      • Creating a Report Definition and Report
      • Creating New Data Sources
    • Call Detail Record Searches
      • Call detail records
      • Importing a report
      • Exporting a report

  • Lab 2-1: Manage Users and Security in CUIC

  • Lab 3-1: Run a Stock Report

  • Lab 3-3: Create Permalinks

  • Lab 3-4: Modify a Stock Report

  • Lab 4-1: Create a New Report

  • Lab 5-1: Verify Installation of the Unified Intelligence Center Controller and Navigating OAMP

  • Lab 5-3: Create Value Lists and Collections

  • Lab 6-2: Create a Simple Report Definition and a custom report

  • Lab 6-3: Search Call Detail Records