SAP - Course Details

DQXI30:CC(BOQ305-E) Data Quality XI 3.0: Core Concepts (BOQ305-E)

SAP Course Description:
BusinessObjects TM Data Quality XI 3.0/3.1 enables you to parse, cleanse, standardize, consolidate, and enhance records. In this two-day course, you will learn about cleansing address and firm data, and matching and consolidating records.
SAP Course Duration:
Self Placed
SAP Course Target Audience:
This course is designed for individuals responsible for implementing, administering, and managing data quality projects.
SAP Course Prerequisite:
BusinessObjects Data Services XI 3.0/3.1: Core Concepts,Windows conventions,Basic database concepts
Course Content:
  • Working with Data Quality Transforms 
       -Describe the data quality framework 
       -Define the processes of parsing, standardizing, cleansing, enhancing, matching, and consolidating data 
       -Describe the available Data Quality transforms 
       -Describe how to use the Transform Editor to configure Data Quality transforms

  • Cleansing Address Data 
       -Explain the benefits of address cleansing 
       -Identify the supported formats and types of address data 
       -Describe the Address Cleanse transforms in Data Quality 
       -Define how to handle address data from different countries 
       -Configure an Address Cleanse transform 
       -Define how to cleanse transactional data

  • Cleansing Name, Firm, and Product Data 
       -Explain the benefits of data cleansing 
       -Describe the Data Cleanse transforms in Data Quality 
       -Define how to handle types of name and firm data 
       -Configure a Data Cleanse transform 
       -Define the purpose of parsing dictionaries 
       -Customize dictionary entries 
       -Set up Universal Data Cleanse for operational data

  • Matching and Consolidating Records 
       -Select a matching strategy 
       -Understand match sets, match levels, match criteria, and break groups 
       -Use the Match Wizard to configure the Match transform 
       -Describe matching methods 
       -Modify the Match transform using the Match Editor 
       -Configure post-match processing operations 
       -Understand householding and associative matching