SAP - Course Details

DSXI30:CC(BOI315-E) Data Services XI 3.0: Core Concepts (BOI315-E)

SAP Course Description:
BusinessObjects™ Data Services XI 3.0 enables you to integrate disparate data sources to deliver more timely and accurate data that end users in an organization can trust. In this two-day course, you will learn about creating, executing, and troubleshooting batch jobs, using functions, scripts and transforms to change the structure and formatting of data, and handling errors.
SAP Course Duration:
Self Placed
SAP Course Target Audience:
This course is designed for individuals responsible for implementing, administering, and managing data integration projects.
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Knowledge of data warehousing and ETL concepts,Experience with MySQL and SQL language,Experience using functions, elementary procedural programming, and flow-of-control statements such as If-Then-Else and While Loop statements,Data Warehouse Fundamentals: TCO Starts with the End User and Fact Tables and Dimension Tables,Data Warehouse Architecture and Modeling: There Are No Guarantees,Industry- and Application-Specific Issues: Think Globally, Act Locally,Knowledge of data warehousing and ETL concepts
Course Content:
  • Describing Data Services 
       -Describe the purpose of Data Services 
       -Describe Data Services architecture 
       -Define Data Services objects 
       -Use the Data Services Designer interface

  • Defining Source and Target Metadata 
       -Use datastores 
       -Use datastore and system configurations 
       -Define file formats for flat files 
       -Define file formats for Excel files 
       -Define file formats for XML files

  • Creating Batch Jobs 
       -Work with objects 
       -Create a data flow 
       -Use the Query transform 
       -Use target tables 
       -Execute the job

  • Troubleshooting Batch Jobs 
       -Use descriptions and annotations 
       -Validate and tracing jobs 
       -Use View Data and the Interactive Debugger 
       -Use auditing in data flows

  • Using Functions, Scripts, and Variables 
       -Define built-in functions 
       -Use functions in expressions 
       -Use the lookup function 
       -Use the decode function 
       -Use variables and parameters 
       -Use Data Services scripting language 
       -Script a custom function

  • Using Platform Transforms 
       -Describe platform transforms 
       -Use the Map Operation transform 
       -Use the Validation transform 
       -Use the Merge transform 
       -Use the Case transform 
       -Use the SQL transform

  • Setting up Error Handling 
       -Set up recoverable work flows