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FAAP Financial Aid Advanced Packaging

PeopleSoft Course Description:
Finally, participants will learn about the concepts related to External Awards, including types of external Awards, learn how to define cross-reference, use file-mapping definition, manually add external awards, and process Student Financial payments as External Awards.
PeopleSoft Course Duration:
3 Days Training
PeopleSoft Course Target Audience:
Business Analysts,Database Administrators,Functional Implementer,Project Manager,Support Engineer,System Analysts,Technical Administrator,Technical Consultant
PeopleSoft Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
Performing Awarding in Special Situations
  • Demonstrating How to Revise an Award Package
  • Awarding Loans
  • Using Disbursement Protection
  • Creating a Single-Term Award
  • Performing Multicareer Packaging
  • Explaining How Veteran Education Benefits Are Processed
  • Activity 1: Packaging a Student for a Single Term
Setting Up Packaging Plans
  • Explaining How to Approach Packaging
  • Using Packaging Plans
  • Activity 4: Creating Packaging Plans
  • Creating Groups of Financial Aid Item Types for Awarding Purposes
  • Setting Up GAP Item Types
  • Activity 5: Adding Packaging Plan Complexity
Using Equations in Packaging
  • Describing the New Equation Engine Usage in 9.0
  • Describing the Population Selection Tools Used for Packaging
  • Describing the New Equation Keywords in 9.0
  • Understanding Packaging Equations and Population Selection Equations
  • Understanding How Equation Engine Is Used for Packaging
  • Setting Up Population Selection
  • Writing an Equation for Packaging
  • Activity 2: Writing an Equation for Mass Packaging
Using PS Query in Packaging
  • Understanding How PS Query is Used in Mass Packaging
  • Describing the PS Query Setup for Mass Packaging
  • Writing a PS Query for Mass Packaging
  • Activity 3: Writing a PS Query for Mass Packaging Population Selection
Creating a Mass Packaging Solution to Support Your Institution's Packaging Philosophy
  • Describing an Overall Approach to Translating Your Packaging Philosophy
  • Dividing Students by Academic Career
  • Determining How Many Packaging Plans to Use
  • Listing the Financial Aid Item Types Used for Each Plan
  • Determining Any Special Situations for Each Financial Aid Item Type
  • Activity 6: Creating Mass Packaging Solutions
  • Analyzing Processing Time and Packaging Plan Management
Performing Mass Packaging
  • Selecting Students for Mass Packaging
  • Reviewing Students Selected for Mass Packaging
  • Assigning Packaging Plans to Selected Students
  • Reviewing Mass Packaging Plans Assigned by Query
  • Reviewing Mass Packaging Result by Plan
  • Packaging a Group of Students
  • Reviewing Mass Packaging Summary
  • Reviewing Eligibility and Need After Packaging
Describing Repackaging Plans and Repackaging Rules
  • Setting Up a Repackaging Plan
  • Defining Repackaging Rule Attributes
  • Activity 7: Creating a Repackaging Plan
  • Combining Multiple Rules
  • Activity 8: Creating a Single Repackaging Plan that Contains Multiple Repackaging Rules
Performing Online Repackaging
  • Repackaging an Individual Student
  • Understanding Auto and Auto Select Repackaging
  • Repackaging Students with Multiple Careers
Performing Batch Repackaging
  • Describing the Repackaging Process
  • Selecting Students for Repackaging
  • Reviewing Students Selected for Batch Processing
  • Assigning Repackaging Plans to Selected Students
  • Reviewing Repackaging Plans Assigned by Query
  • Reviewing Repackaging Plans by Student
  • Repackaging Groups of Students
  • Reviewing Batch Repackaging Summary
Setting Up External Award Processing
  • Defining External Award Types
  • Defining External Award Sources
  • Mapping External Award Attributes to Financial Aid Item Types
  • Defining Search and Match Criteria
Manually Adding External Award Data
  • Adding External Awards by Type
  • Adding Award Disbursement Details
  • Adding External Awards by Student
Managing Existing External Award Transactions
  • Understanding the Purpose of Managing External Award Data
  • Understanding External Awards Processing Statuses
  • Understanding External Awards by Reporting Codes
  • Viewing and Loading Student External Award Data
  • Viewing Award Summary
Creating a File Mapping Definition to Load External Award Data Files
  • Planning for File Parser and External Award Processing
  • Using the Context Definition
  • Using the File Mapping Definition
  • Reviewing the External Award Staging Tables
  • Creating a File Mapping Definition
  • Loading an External Award Data File
  • Loading External Award Data from a Data File
  • Activity 9: Setting Up Context Definition and File Mapping
Processing Student Financial Payments
  • Understanding the Process Flow of Student Financials Transactions as FA External Awards
  • Understanding the Mapping Between Student Financial Item Types and Financial Aid Item Type
  • Running the SF External Award Process
  • Loading Student Financials Payments into External Award Staging Table
Managing Self-Service Transactions
  • Setting Up Self-Service Reporting
  • Managing Self-Reported External Awards
  • Using Administrative Self-Service Pages
  • Running the External Award Load Process
  • Creating Student Permission Forms
  • Assigning Student Permission Forms to a Student