SAP - Course Details

FI004 SAP FI A/R Accounts Receivable Advanced (User)

SAP Course Description:
This is an advanced SAP Financials A/R course designed for experienced SAP Financials users. The course offers a more detailed understanding of advanced SAP FI Accounts Receivable features. The course covers; Terms of Payment, Payments, Credit memo, Clearing, Interest calculation, Dunning, Credit management, Recurring entries, and advanced FI A/R reports.
SAP Course Duration:
1 Day training.
SAP Course Target Audience:
Experienced SAP Financials users.
SAP Course Prerequisite:
A general understanding of Financials.
Course Content:
  • Change terms of payment (OBB8, FD03)

  • Change customer master terms of payment (XD02)

  • Customer account changes (FD04)

  • Post incoming payments with difference (F-28, FB03)

  • Post incoming payments with cash discount (F-28, FB03)

  • Down payment (F-37)

  • Customer line items report and layout setting (FBL5N)

  • Enter customer credit memo (FB75)

  • Clear customer (F-32)

  • Automatic clearing (F.13)

  • Calculate interest on arrears batch input (F.2B, FBL5N)

  • Dunning payment reminder (F150)

  • Payment advise (FBE1)

  • Incomplete SD documents (V.01)

  • Create posting documents from recurring doc. (F.14)

  • Customer credit management change (FD32)

  • Credit overview report (F.31)

  • Customer balances in local currency (S_ALR_87012172)

  • Cust. open item analysis by balance of overdue items (S_ALR_87012178)12175)