SAP - Course Details

FI009 SAP FI Closing Activities (User)

SAP Course Description:
This is an advanced SAP FI Financials report course designed for experienced SAP Financials users.
This course helps you prepare and carry out the activities required for month-end and year-end closing.
Closing activities are periodic tasks and can be subdivided in SAP FI as
(1) Day-end closing,
(2) Month-end closing,
(3) Year-end closing.
The year-end closing is an annual balance sheet, an annual profit and loss statement, and an appendix with additional information (annual report), which has to be created to meet the particular legal obligations in each country.
Before you can close a fiscal year in Financial Accounting from a bookkeeping perspective, you have to carry out preparatory measures in Asset Accounting. Month-end closing comprises all activities involved in closing a posting period.
The day-end closing enters the payment flow of a posting day and compares it with the actual bank transactions from the same period. Each posting day must end with a match of these two figures, although pending items must also be considered.
SAP Course Duration:
1 Day training.
SAP Course Target Audience:
Experienced SAP Financials users.
SAP Course Prerequisite:
A general understanding of financials.
Course Content:
  • Actual Settlement Internal Order (KO8G)

  • Depreciation Posting Run (AFAB)

  • Asset Fiscal Year Change (AJRW)

  • Year End Closing Asset Accounting (AJAB)

  • Automatic Clearing, Regrouping GR/IR Accounts (F.13)

  • GR/IR Clearing (F.19)

  • Close Periods for Materials Master Records (MMPV)

  • Calculate A/R Interest on Arrears (F.2B)

  • Value Adjustment A/R (F.21)

  • Foreign Currency Valuation (FAGL_FC_VAL)

  • Regrouping A/R A/P Reclassification (FAGLF101)

  • Open and Close Posting Periods (S_ALR_87003642)

  • Balance Confirmation A/R A/P (F.17 or F.18)

  • Enter Accrual/Deferral Document (FBS1)

  • Reverse Accrual/Deferral Document (F.81)

  • Post Tax Payable (FB41)

  • Advance Return for Tax on Sales/Purch. (S_ALR_87012357)

  • Balance Carry Forward (FAGLGVTR)

  • Carry Forward A/R A/P (F.07)

  • EC Sales List (S_ALR_87012400)

  • Comparison Analysis (FAGLF03)

  • Number Range for Material Documents (OMBT)

  • Change Material Price (MR21)