PeopleSoft - Course Details

GR91 Grants Rel 9.1

PeopleSoft Course Description:
his advanced level course teaches the fundamental concepts and features of the PeopleSoft Grants solution. In this course, participants will perform the steps required to set up the Grants system enabling them to create a proposal, generate an award, manage the award budget, generate invoices, and recognize revenue for the award transactions and any associated facilities and administration costs. Managing cost sharing, award advances and protocols will also be covered in this course. Using work flow, participants will process proposals and protocols through the review and approval process. Through lessons and hands-on activities, participants will learn the necessary skills to implement and process grants in accordance with their business needs.
PeopleSoft Course Duration:
5 Days Training
PeopleSoft Course Target Audience:
Functional Implementer
PeopleSoft Course Prerequisite:
How to perform basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts,Understanding of basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts,How to use control tables to enforce business rules,How to run processes and reports
Course Content:
Preparing to Implement Grants
  • Explaining the Grants Integration Points
  • Explaining the Relationship Between PeopleSoft Enterprise Commitment Control and Grants
  • Explaining the Relationship between PeopleSoft Enterprise Contracts, Project Costing, and Grants
  • Setting Up a Grants Business Unit
  • Setting Up Syste-level Default Values
  • Setting Up User Preferences
Setting Up Facilities and Administration Cost Parameters
  • Describing the Facilities and Administration Calculation Process
  • Setting up Facilities and Administration Trees
  • Setting Up Facilities and Administration Options and Offsets
  • Setting Up IterUnit and IntraUnit Processling Rules
  • Setting Up Facilities and Administration Base Types
  • Setting Up Facilities and Administration Rate Types
Setting up Billing and Revenue Control Tables
  • Identifying the Components Required to Recognize Revenue and to Bill for Grant Awards
  • Explaining the Grants Revenue Process Flow
  • Explaining the Grants Billing Process Flow
  • Explaining the Accounting Entries Created by the Revenue and Billing Processes in Contracts
  • Setting Up an Unbilled Accounts Receivable Account
  • Setting Up Accounting Rules for Award Lines
  • Defining Distribution Accounting for Fixed-Amount Award Lines
  • Setting Up Invoice Formatting Options
Defining Your Institution
  • Setting Up Institution Profiles and Contacts
  • Defining Facilities and Administration Rates for Your Institution
  • Defining Fringe Rates for You Institution
  • Defining Budget Identifiers
  • Setting Up Certification and Compliance Data
  • Managing Institution Audit Records
  • Setting Up Department Profiles and Contacts
Setting Up Professionals in Grants
  • Explaining Professional Control Table Setup for Grants
  • Setting Up Control Tables for Institution Professionals
  • Setting Up Core Data for Institution Professionals
  • Setting Up Grants-Specific Data for Institution Professionals
  • Creating Biosketch Reports
Defining Award Sponsors
  • Defining Sponsor Profiles and Contacts
  • Defining Sponsor Forms
  • Setting Up Sponsor Facilities and Administration Rates
  • Defining Sponsor Budget Items
Preparing Grants Proposals
  • Explain the Relationship Between Implementation Setup and Proposal Preparation
  • Explaining the Proposal Preparation Process
  • Explaining the Role of Workflow in Proposal Processing
  • Setting Up Grants Security
  • Preparing a Proposal
  • Preparing and Managing a Proposal Budget
  • Managing Proposals
Managing Awards
  • Performing the Award Generation Process
  • Managing Awards
  • Managing Award Milestones, Projects, Activities, and Contracts
  • Managing Award Budgets
Processing Grants Transactions
  • Describing the Grants Transaction Process Flow
  • Applying a Payable Transaction to a Funded Award
  • Managing Transactions that are Applied to a Funded Award
  • Managing Facilities and Administration Cost Calculations
Managing Revenue and Facilities and Administration Costs for Awards
  • Explaining the Award Revenue Recognition Process Flow
  • Explaining the Steps to Preparing Awards for Revenue Recognition
  • Managing Award Revenue Plans
  • Performing the Contract Activation Process
  • Running the Revenue Recognition Process
  • Managing Award Revenue
Managing Award Billing
  • Explaining the Award Billing Process Flow
  • Explaining the Steps to Preparing an Award for Billing
  • Managing Contract Billing Plans
  • Executing the Contracts and Billing Interface Process
  • Managing Award Bills
  • Managing Project Billing Data
Managing Cost Sharing Using Grants
  • Explaining Cost Sharing Parameters for Grants
  • Identifying Cost Sharing Analysis Types and Groups
  • Explaining the Steps to Prepare a Proposal with Cost Sharing
  • Evaluating the Impact of Cost Sharing on Awards
Managing Advances
  • Describing the Process Flow Associated with Grants Advances
  • Setting Up an Award Advance
  • Manaing and Utilizaing an Award Advance
  • Analyzing Award Advance Utilization
Setting Up and Managing Protocols
  • Explaining Protocol Management
  • Setting Up Protocol Approval Committees
  • Defining Protocol Approval Rules
  • Creating and Managing Protocols
Closing Out Awards
  • Explaining the Award Clost Out Process
  • Closing Out Awards, Projects, and Award Budgets
Evaluating Award Funding in Accordance with Government Regulations
  • Identifying Grants Reports
  • Creating Federal Financial Reports
  • Creating a Continuation Proposal
Setting Up and Using the Grants Portal
  • Describing the Grants Portal
  • Setting up the Grants Portal
  • Granting access to the Grants Portal
  • Loading data to the Grants Portal
  • Viewing data using the Grants Portal