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IPS-ICIPSv70 IPS - Implementing Cisco Intrusion Prevention System v7.0

Network Training Course Description:
In this -enhanced course, you will gain the skills required to deploy Cisco's network-based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). You will get an introduction to Cisco IPS platforms and managers
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
Cisco customers who implement and maintain Cisco IPS solutions,Cisco channel partners who sell, implement, and maintain Cisco IPS solutions,Cisco systems engineers who support the sale of Cisco IPS solutions
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:

  • 1. Introduction

    • Evaluating Intrusion Prevention and Intrusion Detection Systems
    • Choosing Cisco IPS Software, Hardware, and Supporting Applications
    • Evaluating Network IPS Traffic Analysis Methods
    • Evasion Possibilities and Anti-Evasive Countermeasures
    • Choosing a Network IPS and IDS Deployment Architecture

  • 2. Installing and Maintaining Cisco IPS Sensors

    • Integrating into a Network
    • Performing the Initial Setup
    • Managing Cisco IPS Devices

  • 3. Applying Cisco IPS Security Policies

    • Configuring Basic Traffic Analysis
    • Implementing Cisco IPS Signatures and Responses
    • Configuring Signature Engines and the Signature Database
    • Deploying Anomaly-Based Operation

  • 4. Adapting Traffic Analysis and Response to the Environment

    • Customizing Traffic Analysis
    • Managing False Positives and False Negatives
    • Improving Alarm and Response Quality

  • 5. Managing and Analyzing Events

    • Installing and Integrating IME with IPS Sensors
    • Managing and Investigating Events
    • Reporting and Notifications
    • Integrating IPS with SMN and MARS
    • Using the Cisco IntelliShield Database and Services

  • 6. Advanced Solutions

    • Using Cisco IPS Virtual Sensors
    • Deploying Cisco IPS for High Availability and High Performance

  • 7. Configuring and Maintaining Specific IPS Hardware

    Our IPS labs go above and beyond the standard Cisco IPS labs. Our most significant enhancement is the focus on signatures-the heart of IPS sensor technology. In fact, signatures are triggered in the very first lab that you will run in our class.

  • Lab 1: Enhanced - Perform Cisco IPS Sensor Initial Setup

  • Lab 2: Enhanced - Manage a Cisco IPS Sensor

  • Lab 3: Enhanced - Configure and Modify Basic Cisco IPS Signatures and Responses

  • Lab 4: Enhanced - Configure Cisco IPS Anomaly-Based Operation

  • Lab 5: Enhanced - Configure Cisco IPS Custom Signatures

  • Lab 6: Enhanced - Manage False Positives and Negatives

  • Lab 7: Enhanced - Improve Alarm and Response Quality

  • Lab 8: Enhanced - Use the Cisco IME

  • Lab 9: Enhanced - Use Cisco IPS and Security Intelligence Web Resources

  • Lab 10: Enhanced - Configure Policy Virtualization