SAP - Course Details

IQS:A(BOG220) Information Quality Suite: Advanced (BOG220)

SAP Course Description:
This three-day course provides you with instruction and practice on methodologies for using the advanced features and capabilities of Firstlogic’s DataRight IQ and Match/Consolidate software applications. You will gain a greater understanding of use cases and through detailed explanations and demonstrations know the techniques for configuring the software to produce results that require the use of these advanced functions.
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
Integrate advanced pattern matching or data consolidation into the data cleansing process,Employ complex multi-level match strategies,Supplant standard match processes with an extended algorithm for record comparisons.
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Not applicable for this offering,Working knowledge of Firstlogic products,Ability to set-up all fundamental functionalities of Firstlogic products
Course Content:
  • DataRight IQ 
       -Search and replace 
       -Scan and split 
       -Modify PW fields 
       -Custom parsing dictionary 
       -Custom capitalization dictionary 
       -User defined pattern matching 
       -Custom rules files

  • Match / Consolidate 
       -Multi-level matching 
       -Adjusted matching 
       -Multi-criteria matching 
       -Relational matching 
       -Constant key 
       -Group posting 
       -Super lists 
       -Unparsed data 
       -Non-US data 
       -Report options 
       -Custom sorting 
       -Extended matching