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MM8 SAP MM Bought In Item Customer Special Stock (User)

SAP Course Description:
This SAP MM course describes the bought in item process. A material is procured specifically for one customer in this scenario. The customer orders a material that is currently not in stock. This means that a purchase requisition is generated from a sales order item, which is then converted into a vendor order from an external supplier. It is not necessary to subject the material to inventory management in your own company. The material is first sent from the vendor to your warehouse, customer special stock. It is administered there as sales order stock. The complete shipping processing then takes place from your own shipping point. COURSE GOALS: Introduction to SAP bought in item process
SAP Course Duration:
1 Day Training
SAP Course Target Audience:
SAP MM users.
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Create Sales Order (VA01)

  • Change Sales Order (VA02)

  • Purchase Order (ME21N)

  • Goods Receipt (MIGO)

  • Stock Overview - Customer Special Stock (MMBE)

  • Delivery Processing (VL01N)

  • Create Invoice - Billing (VF01)

  • Customer Line Item Display (FBL5N)

  • Enter Incoming Invoice - Invoice Verification (MIRO)

  • Display Sales Order - Document Flow (VA03)