PeopleSoft - Course Details

P-USR9 Payroll - US Rel 9

PeopleSoft Course Description:
The Payroll for North America – US course covers how to use the functionality available in Oracle’s Peoplesoft Enterprise Payroll for North America. Learn how to set up earnings codes, deduction codes, pay groups, a holiday schedule, and tax locations. Set up and maintain employee tax data, additional pay, general deductions, and direct deposits. Set up balance IDs, pay calendars, and pay run IDs, and create and update paysheets automatically, manually, or by rapid entry method. Calculate payroll, review calculation results, identify and correct errors, and confirm payroll. Produce paychecks and generate other payroll reports. In addition to typical on-cycle payroll processing, Payroll for North America provides functionality for a variety of off-cycle payroll events and other payroll requirements. Find out how to reverse a paycheck, record a manual check, produce online checks and final checks, and create a gross up check. Set up and process mid-period job changes and multiple jobs. Set up and process benefit deductions and garnishments. Learn about the employee self-service options available in PeopleSoft Enterprise ePay.
PeopleSoft Course Duration:
5 Days Training
PeopleSoft Course Target Audience:
Functional Implementer
PeopleSoft Course Prerequisite:
Knowledge of Human Resources foundation tables,Knowledge of Benefits foundation tables,Knowledge of employee level data for HR and Benefits,Ability to run reports
Course Content:
Setting Up PeopleSoft HRMS Tables for Payroll Processing
  • Setting Up the Installation Table for Payroll for North America
  • Describing the Role of SetID, Location, and Department in Payroll Processing
  • Describing Company Table Setup
  • Describing Frequency and Compensation Setup
Setting Up Payroll Tables
  • Setting Up Source Bank Accounts
  • Creating Special Accumulators
  • Setting Up Earnings Codes
  • Setting Up Earnings Programs
  • Creating a Pay Group
  • Setting Up Deductions
Setting Up US Payroll Tax Tables
  • Identifying Tax Table Maintenance Responsibility
  • Describing PeopleSoft-Maintained Tax Tables
  • Setting Up Customer-Maintained Tax Tables
Setting Up Employee Data
  • Identifying Sources of Employee Data
  • Setting Up Employee Human Resources Data
  • Identifying Employee Pay Data
  • Updating US Employee Tax Data
  • Assigning Additional Pay to Employees
  • Assigning General Deductions to Employees
  • Updating Payroll Options for Employees
  • Setting Up Employee Direct Deposit Data
Creating and Updating Paysheets
  • Describing Paysheets in Payroll for North America
  • Creating Balance IDs
  • Creating Pay Calendars
  • Setting Up Pay Run IDs
  • Creating Paysheets
  • Viewing and Updating Paysheets and Paylines
  • Loading Paysheets by Rapid Entry Method
Calculating Payroll
  • Running Preliminary Payroll Calculation
  • Running Final Payroll Calculation
Confirming Payroll and Producing Reports
  • Confirming a Payroll
  • Viewing Confirmed Payroll Results Online
  • Printing Checks and Advices
  • Describing Check Reprinting
  • Describing Direct Deposit Transmittals
  • Describing Payroll and Tax Reports
  • Identifying Methods of Reversing Payroll Confirmation
Processing Off-Cycle Payrolls
  • Identifying Off-Cycle Payroll Processing
  • Reversing a Paycheck
  • Recording a Manual Check
  • Producing an Online Check
  • Describing Continue with Errors Processing
  • Describing Final Paycheck Processing
  • Describing Retroactive Processing
Setting Up and Processing Additional Payroll Functionality
  • Setting Up a Holiday Schedule
  • Setting Up Advanced Earnings Options
  • Setting Up Multiple Jobs Processing
  • Setting Up and Processing Mid-period Job Changes
  • Processing Gross Ups
Setting Up and Processing Benefit Deductions in Payroll
  • Setting Up Deductions and Earnings for Benefits Calculations
  • Updating a Benefit Program and Enrolling Employees
  • Analyzing Benefits-Related Payroll Reports
Setting Up and Processing Garnishments
  • Identifying Garnishment Setup Steps
  • Describing PeopleSoft-Maintained Garnishment Tables
  • Setting Up Company-Level Tables for Garnishment Processing
  • Assigning an Employee Garnishment Deduction
  • Setting Up Employee Garnishment Specification Data
  • Processing Garnishments and Reviewing Reports
Describing PeopleSoft Enterprise ePay
  • Describing ePay Security Setup
  • Describing ePay Workflow Setup
  • Describing Setup for the View Paycheck Transaction
  • Describing Setup for the Year End Form Transaction
  • Using ePay Transactions