PeopleSoft - Course Details

PSNGLRFAR89 PS/nVision for GL Reporting Foundation Accelerated Rel 8.9

PeopleSoft Course Description:
In addition to typical report creation that extracts information from ledger and other application-based tables, learn how to extract information from summary ledgers. Find out how to create multiple reports using scopes. Set up Drilldown or nPlosion to view more detailed information in a report. Learn about using PS/nVision on the web and running different reports using report books.
PeopleSoft Course Duration:
5 Days Training
PeopleSoft Course Target Audience:
Functional Implementer
PeopleSoft Course Prerequisite:
nderstanding of basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts,Use of control tables to enforce business rules,Able to run processes and reports
Course Content:
Creating the General Ledger Structure
  • Establishing General Ledger Business Units
  • Applying General Ledger Tableset Sharing
Setting Installation Options and Common Definitions
  • Setting Installation Options
  • Establishing User Preferences
  • Establishing Account Types
  • Creating Detail Calendars
  • Defining ChartFields and ChartField Values
Setting up and Processing General Ledger
  • Defining Ledger Templates
  • Defining Detail Ledgers and Ledger Groups
  • Associating Ledgers with a Business Unit
  • Maintaining Accounting Periods
  • Describing the Journal Process Flow
  • Processing PeopleSoft General Ledger Data
  • Reviewing Journals and Determining their Status
  • Editing and Posting Journals
Planning to Implement PS/nVision
  • Describing the Ledger table
  • Describing TimeSpans
  • Describing Trees
Developing PS/nVision Reports
  • Describing PS/nVision Components
  • Describing PS/nVision Report Creation Steps
  • Planning the PS/nVision Layout
  • Building the PS/nVision Layout
  • Defining and Running Report Requests
Building PS/nVision Reports with Variables and Labels
  • Setting up PS/nVision Variables
  • Combining Text with PS/nVision Variables
  • Using the Text Function
  • Using Variables on the Report Request
  • Setting up Date and Time Stamps
  • Setting up Report Labels
Using nPlosion
  • Defining nPlosion
  • Using nPlosion Features
  • Setting up Advanced nPlosion Options
Using Scopes and Scope Variables
  • Defining Scopes
  • Setting up Scope Variables
  • Combining PS/nVision Scope Variables
  • Defining the Scope Descriptive Field Variable
  • Using Scopes with Multiple Fields
Implementing Summary Ledgers
  • Analyzing Summary Ledger Requirements
  • Setting up Summary Ledgers
  • Running Summary Ledgers
  • Describing Detail Versus Summary Ledger Reporting
  • Defining Summary Trees
  • Using Summary Trees in nVision Layouts
Using Drilldown
  • Defining Drilldown Options
  • Using Drilldown
  • Using Tabular Queries
Using Query Criteria with Matrix Layouts
  • Setting up Query Criteria in Matrix Layouts
  • Using Auto Drill
Using Query Criteria with Tabular Layouts
  • Defining Queries for Tabular Layouts
  • Creating Tabular Layouts
  • Combining Tabular and Matrix Layouts
Using PS/nVision on the Web
  • Defining and Running Web Report Requests
  • Using Drilldown on the Web
  • Using Scopes with the Web Report Request
  • Defining Web Report Books