PeopleSoft - Course Details

PSPTISAV8.5 PeopleSoft PeopleTools Installation Server Admin. Rel 8.50

PeopleSoft Course Description:
This course covers the installation and implementation of the PeopleTools 8.50 components used to deploy PeopleSoft applications. In this course, students will install the required software and create the primary servers that are part of the PeopleSoft Pure Internet Architecture. Students will understand the PeopleSoft Internet Architecture and implications for system design and implementation. They will practice installing middleware components (Oracle Tuxedo), PeopleSoft environment (PeopleTools), PeopleSoft databases, web components (Oracle WebLogic), and PeopleBooks. Students will also create, configure, and administer Tuxedo-based application server domains and the PeopleSoft batch environment, including PeopleSoft Process Scheduler. In addition, students will use the monitoring tools to observe, troubleshoot, and tune the PeopleSoft environment.
PeopleSoft Course Duration:
5 Days Training
PeopleSoft Course Target Audience:
Database Administrators,Database Designers,Functional Implementer,System Analysts,Technical Administrator,Technical Consultant,Web Administrator
PeopleSoft Course Prerequisite:
Experience working with and configuring servers, Basic understanding of Enterprise PeopleTools
Course Content:
  • Describing PeopleSoft Architecture

  • Installing the PeopleSoft Environment

  • Installing PeopleSoft Databases

  • Installing Tuxedo and Jolt

  • Creating and Configuring Application Server Domains

  • Administering Application Servers

  • Administering the Web Server

  • Installing and Configuring PeopleSoft Internet Architecture

  • Examining the Batch Environment

  • Setting Up and Configuring the Batch Environment

  • Configuring Report Distribution and Monitoring the Batch Environment

  • Managing and Troubleshooting an Implementation

  • Setting Up the Environment Management Framework

  • Using PeopleSoft Performance Tools

  • Tuning an Implementation

  • Installing and Configuring PeopleBooks