PeopleSoft - Course Details

PSTV8.5 PeopleSoft Integration Tools Rel 8.50

PeopleSoft Course Description:
Ensure smooth and efficient integrations of your PeopleSoft applications with other PeopleSoft databases and third-party systems to help your organization can quickly adapt to competitive and customer challenges. Produce real-time synchronous and asynchronous integrations, and leverage adapters to several key technology interfaces, such as web services, ftp, and email. Learn to create and code service operations, including transformation programs using Oracle XSL Mapper.
PeopleSoft Course Duration:
5 Days Training.
PeopleSoft Course Target Audience:
Database Designers,System Analysts,Technical Consultant
PeopleSoft Course Prerequisite:
Working knowledge of the Application Designer and PeopleCode
Course Content:
  • Introducing PeopleSoft Integration Broker Architecture

  • Configuring PeopleSoft Integration Broker

  • Creating Messages

  • Creating Message Parts and Containers

  • Creating Asynchronous Service Operations

  • Sending and Receiving Asynchronous Service Operations

  • Using Service Utilities

  • Monitoring Asynchronous Service Operations

  • Creating Synchronous Service Operations

  • Applying Transformations

  • Applying Data Translations Using Codesets

  • Creating and Testing Component Interfaces

  • Implementing Component Interfaces

  • Working with Component Interface Collections

  • Enabling Component Interfaces as Services

  • Providing and Consuming Web Services

  • Testing Service Operations

  • Using IB Generic Message Feeds