PeopleSoft - Course Details

PSnVGLR91 PS / nVision for General Ledger Rel 9.1

PeopleSoft Course Description:
This course reinforces the PS/nVision fundamentals covered in the General Ledger course and introduces additional topics such as DrillDown, Report Labels, nPlosion, Scopes and Summary Ledgers. Participants have the opportunity, via a workshop format to build a number of PS/nVision reports as they learn the skills and techniques covered in this course.
PeopleSoft Course Duration:
5 Days Training
PeopleSoft Course Target Audience:
Developer,End Users,Reports Developer
PeopleSoft Course Prerequisite:
n Understanding of PeopleSoft Financial Management System,Working knowledge of General Ledger,Knowledge of Microsoft Excel
Course Content:
Planning to Implement PS/nVision
  • Describe the Ledger table.
  • Describe TimeSpans.
  • Describe trees.
Developing PS/nVision Reports
  • Describe PS/nVision components
  • Describe PS/nVision report creation steps.
  • Plan the PS/nVision layout
  • Build the PS/nVision layout.
  • Define and run report requests
Building PS/nVision Reports with Variables and Labels
  • Set up PS/nVision variables
  • Combine text with PS/nVision variables
  • Use the Text function.
  • Use variables on the report request.
  • Set up date and time stamps.
  • Set up report labels.
Using nPlosion
  • Define nPlosion
  • Copy formulas
  • Use nPlosion features
  • Using the nPlosion Variable
  • Set up advanced nPlosion options.
Using Scopes and Scope Variables
  • Define scopes.
  • Set up scope variables
  • Combine PS/nVision scope variables
  • Define the Scope Descriptive Field (DES) variable.
  • Use scopes with multiple fields.
Implementing Summary Ledgers
  • Analyze summary ledger requirements
  • Set up summary ledgers
  • Run summary ledgers
  • Describe detail versus summary ledger reporting
  • Define summary trees.
  • Use summary trees in nVision layouts.
  • Translate summary ledgers to detail.
Using DrillDown
  • Define DrillDown options
  • Use DrillDown.
Using Query Criteria in Matrix Layouts
  • Set up query criteria in a matrix layout
  • Use AutoDrill.
Using Query Criteria in Tabular Layouts
  • Define queries for tabular layouts
  • Create tabular layouts.
  • Combine tabular and matrix layouts
Using PS/nVision on the Web
  • Define and run report requests on the web
  • Use DrillDown on the web.
  • Define scopes on the web.
  • Define report books on the web.
Personalizing PS/nVision
  • Use the Nvsuser home page.
  • Personalize the Nvsuser buttons.
  • Set report preferences.
  • Personalize the Drill menu and toolbar.
  • Personalize Style Sheets.
Course Review
  • Describe PS/nVision.
  • Plan PS/nVision reports
  • Develop and Build PS/nVision reports
  • Run Multiple PS/nVision reports.
  • Personalize PS/nVision Nvsuser.