PeopleSoft - Course Details

PSnVGLRFAR91 PS/nVision for GL Reporting Foundation Accelerated Rel 9.1

PeopleSoft Course Description:
The PS/nVision for GL Reporting Foundation course covers how to use the functionality available in Peoplesoft Enterprise FMS. Learn how to setup and use General Ledger, and then plan, develop and create nVision layouts. Learn how to use variables and labels, nPlosion, drilldown, scopes and query criteria in matrix and tabular layouts. Learn how to run PS/nVision on the web. In addition to typical report creation that extracts information from ledger and other application-based tables, learn how to extract information from summary ledgers. Find out how to create multiple reports using scopes. Set up Drilldown or nPlosion to view more detailed information in a report. Learn about using PS/nVision on the web and running different reports using report books.
PeopleSoft Course Duration:
5 Days Training
PeopleSoft Course Target Audience:
Functional Implementer
PeopleSoft Course Prerequisite:
Understanding of basic navigation and PeopleSoft concepts,Use of control tables to enforce business rules,Able to run processes and reports
Course Content:
Creating the General Ledger Structure
  • Establishing General Ledger Business Units
  • Applying General Ledger Tableset Sharing
Setting Installation Options and Common Definitions
  • Setting Installation Options
  • Establishing User Preferences
  • Establishing Account Types
  • Creating Detail Calendars
  • Defining ChartFields and ChartField Values
Setting up and Processing General Ledger
  • Defining Ledger Templates
  • Defining Detail Ledgers and Ledger Groups
  • Associating Ledgers with a Business Unit
  • Maintaining Accounting Periods
  • Describing the Journal Process Flow
  • Processing PeopleSoft General Ledger Data
  • Reviewing Journals and Determining their Status
  • Editing and Posting Journals
Planning to Implement PS/nVision
  • Describing the Ledger table
  • Describing TimeSpans
  • Describing Trees
Developing PS/nVision Reports
  • Describing PS/nVision Components
  • Describing PS/nVision Report Creation Steps
  • Planning the PS/nVision Layout
  • Building the PS/nVision Layout
  • Defining and Running Report Requests
Building PS/nVision Reports with Variables and Labels
  • Setting up PS/nVision Variables
  • Combining Text with PS/nVision Variables
  • Using the Text Function
  • Using Variables on the Report Request
  • Setting up Date and Time Stamps
  • Setting up Report Labels
Using nPlosion
  • Defining nPlosion
  • Using nPlosion Features
  • Setting up Advanced nPlosion Options
Using Scopes and Scope Variables
  • Defining Scopes
  • Setting up Scope Variables
  • Combining PS/nVision Scope Variables
  • Defining the Scope Descriptive Field Variable
  • Using Scopes with Multiple Fields
Implementing Summary Ledgers
  • Analyzing Summary Ledger Requirements
  • Setting up Summary Ledgers
  • Running Summary Ledgers
  • Describing Detail Versus Summary Ledger Reporting
  • Defining Summary Trees
  • Using Summary Trees in nVision Layouts
Using Drilldown
  • Defining Drilldown Options
  • Using Drilldown
  • Using Tabular Queries
Using Query Criteria with Matrix Layouts
  • Setting up Query Criteria in Matrix Layouts
  • Using Auto Drill
Using Query Criteria with Tabular Layouts
  • Defining Queries for Tabular Layouts
  • Creating Tabular Layouts
  • Combining Tabular and Matrix Layouts
Using PS/nVision on the Web
  • Defining and Running Web Report Requests
  • Using Drilldown on the Web
  • Using Scopes with the Web Report Request
  • Defining Web Report Books