SAP - Course Details

SAPIS(TZIM4I) SAP Information Steward (TZIM4I)

SAP Course Description:
Enable customers to install, implement and maintain their SAP Information Steward landscape Create projects, integrate and profile your data, define data validation rules and data quality scorecards to visualize data quality assessment results Create and maintain your own cleansing packages to improve the data quality of your data Understand the concepts of technical metadata integration and unified business term glossary
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
Solution consultants responsible for implementing information governance projects,Power users responsible for implementing, administering, and managing information governance projects.
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Basic knowledge of data quality management and metadata management
Course Content:
  • Information Steward Vision & Positioning

  • Information Steward Overview & Highlights

  • Information Steward Architecture, Installation, and Deployment

  • Validation Rules (Create, bind, execute rules, view rule results)

  • DQ Scorecard (Create, bind, execute rules, view scorecard)

  • Creating Information Steward Views and Working with File Formats

  • Metadata management and Metapedia

  • Information Steward Administration (Task management, utilities, user management)

  • Performance and Scalability considerations

  • Cleansing Package Builder Overview

  • Using Cleansing Package Builder (Explore the Task Screen, wizard, design mode, advance mode & publishing)