SAP - Course Details

SAPWASO(NW100-E) SAP Web Application Server Overview (NW100-E)

SAP Course Description:
Explain the SAP Web Application Server architecture. The SAP Web AS is the central component of the SAP NetWeaver's application platform. Define the client/server concepts and the SAP system configuration types. Know the main characteristics of the ABAP and Java runtime environments. List the system processes (work processes) and services of each instance. Describe the instance in the ABAP and Java environments. Describe the processing of user requests. Describe each component of the work process. Present the background processing, schedule and monitor jobs. Describe the query flow using the database interface (Open SQL). Define the SAP transaction concept and know the differences between a SAP transaction and Database transaction. Define the locks in the SAP system. Define the asynchronous update concept.
SAP Course Duration:
Self Placed
SAP Course Target Audience:
System Administrators,ABAP Programmers,Business Integration Specialists,Security Administrators
SAP Course Prerequisite:
SAP125 SAP Navigation 2005,NW001 Technology Solutions Powered by SAP NetWeaver
Course Content:
  • Principal Architecture of the SAP Web Application Server: Client and Server

  • Principal Architecture of the SAP Web Application Server: The Instance

  • Processing ABAP Applications

  • Communication with the Database

  • The SAP Transaction

  • Lock Management in SAP Systems

  • Update Processing