SAP - Course Details

TOGAF(EA220r-E) The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) (EA220r-E)

SAP Course Description:
This course provides detailed training in The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) version 9. It is a TOGAF 9 course designed to be certified by the Open Group, and prepares the student for taking the TOGAF Level I and Level II certification exams.
SAP Course Duration:
Self Placed
SAP Course Target Audience:
SAP Associate and Professional Enterprise Architects,Enterprise Architects certified in earlier versions of TOGAF who wish to upgrade to version 9,Business Consultants,Solution Architects,Technology Architects,Business Process Experts
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Good understanding of business strategy, organization, functional and process concepts,Good understanding of IT strategy, organization, applications, data and technology concepts,SOA200 SAP EAF,Training (Associate Level),SAP Associate Enterprise Architect Certification -Training in earlier versions of TOGAF,Certification in earlier versions of TOGAF,Review TOGAF 9 documents:TOGAF™ Version 9 Enterprise Edition – Introduction (download in .pdf format),TOGAF™ Version 9 Member’s Edition – (download in .pdf format for Open Group members),TOGAF™ Version 9: A Pocket Guide (hard copy for purchase),TOGAF™ Version 9 (hard copy manual for purchase)
Course Content:
  • The scope and content of TOGAF

  • The TOGAF Architecture Development Method (ADM)

  • The TOGAF Architecture Content Framework including the Content Metamodel, Artifacts, Deliverables and Building Blocks

  • The Enterprise Continuum and Tools

  • TOGAF Reference Models

  • The TOGAF Architecture Capability Framework