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11iGLMF 11i General Ledger Management Fundamentals

Oracle Course Description:
If you're an Implementation consultant, this course will teach you how to reduce the period close cycle and institute statutory financial controls. You'll also learn how to access comprehensive financial reporting, as well as financial data.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
End Users,Functional Implementer
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Set of Books

    • Identify the elements required to create a Set of Books within Oracle General Ledger
    • Understand the attributes, options and required settings to define the Accounting Flexfield
    • Using Hierarchical Security Support
    • Define accounting calendars
    • Enable predefined currencies
    • Define a General Ledger Set of Books
    • Utilize the ADI Account Hierarchy Editor to view and maintain accounting flexfield values
    • Identify the key implementation issues regarding creating a Set of Books in Oracle General Ledger

  • Journal Entries

    • Understand where journal entries are positioned in the accounting cycle
    • Identify the types and components of journal entries
    • Journal Import Currency End Date Bypass
    • Enter manual journal entries
    • Post journal entries using various available options
    • Using Journal Reference Date
    • Perform an account inquiry
    • Drill down to Oracle subledger applications

  • Journal Entries (continued)

    • Reverse journal entries
    • Use the ADI Journal Wizard to create journal entries
    • Import journal entry information using the GL_INTERFACE
    • Identify the Setup Options to process journal entries
    • Identify reports, listings and inquiry options available for journal entries
    • Segment Value Security for Journals Reports
    • Identify the Profile Options necessary to process journal entries
    • Identify the Key Implementation issues regarding Oracle General Ledger journal entries

  • Multi-Currency

    • Identify where Multi-Currency is positioned within the Oracle General Ledger business flow
    • Define additional currencies
    • Define conversion rate types and enter conversion rates
    • Understand the Oracle General Ledger revaluation process and the streamlined revaluation process
    • Understand the Oracle General Ledger translation process
    • Identify reports and listings available regarding Multi-Currency
    • Identify Profile Options settings required to process multiple currencies
    • Identify the Key Implementation issues regarding Oracle General Ledger multiple currencies

  • Intercompany and Global Intercompany System (GIS)

    • Set up and use intercompany balancing
    • Set up and use global Intercompany system

  • Consolidations

    • Identify where Consolidations is positioned within the Oracle General Ledger business flow
    • Identify the features and functionality of the Global Consolidation System (GCS)
    • Understand the elements of the Consolidation Workbench
    • Process consolidation elimination entries
    • Identify consolidation reports and inquiries available
    • Identify the key implementation issues regarding Oracle General Ledger consolidations

  • Budgeting

    • Identify the key elements of the Oracle budgeting process
    • Define a budget
    • Create budget organizations
    • Using the ADI Budget Wizard to enter budget amounts
    • Perform budget inquiries
    • Identify budget reports and listings
    • Identify the key implementation issues regarding Oracle General Ledger budgeting

  • Financial Reporting

    • Identify the basic report building concepts
    • Create basic FSG report definitions
    • FSG Hierarchical Security Support
    • FSG Report Set Enhancements
    • Fiscal Year-End Amount Type in FSG Reports
    • Utilize the report wizard of ADI to create FSG report definitions
    • Identify the key implementation issues regarding Oracle General Ledger financial reporting

  • ADI

    • Set up ADI security and applications database linking
    • Set up the ADI toolbar, general and language options
    • Identify profile options available in ADI
    • Perform diagnostic system checks for ADI

  • Set of Books (continued)

    • Using Account Hierarchy Manager
    • Using Enhanced Account Hierarchy Manager Security
    • Using the Consolidation Enhancements for Alternative Accounting Representations

  • General Ledger Overview

    • Identify the General Accounting Process utilizing the Oracle eBusiness General Ledger Application
    • Identify the steps required to complete the Accounting cycle using Oracle General Ledger
    • Understand how Oracle General Ledger integrates with other Oracle eBusiness applications
    • Understand the major functional areas contained within Oracle General Ledger
    • Anatomy of an Oracle budget

  • Financial Reporting Options

    • Understand the financial reporting options available in the Oracle eBusiness Applications
    • Identify the capabilities and differences between the various financial reporting options