Oracle - Course Details

11iIPMOraA 11i Install, Patch, and Maintain Oracle Applications

Oracle Course Description:
The course covers the structure of the file system used to store the Oracle Applications product files, environment files, and additional files required to support multiple languages in Release 11i. Students also learn how to use Rapid Install to perform both single and multi-node installations of Oracle Applications, AD Administration and other AD utilities to maintain Oracle Applications, AutoPatch to automate the application of Oracle Applications patches, and Rapid Clone to clone an Oracle Applications system.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Database Administrators,Database Designers,Functional Implementer,Project Manager,Support Engineer,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Knowledge of Oracle Database Fundamentals
Course Content:
  • 11i Oracle Applications Install

    • Overview of Oracle Applications
    • Single-node Installation
    • Multi-node Installation

  • 11i Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture

    • Oracle Applications Environment
    • Oracle Applications File System
    • Oracle Applications Database
    • Advanced Configuration Options

  • 11i Use Oracle Applications Utilities

    • AD Administration
    • Special Utilities
    • AutoConfig
    • License Manager
    • Reporting Utilities
    • Configuration Utilities

  • 11i Patch and Maintain Oracle Applications

    • Patch Wizard
    • AutoPatch
    • OAM Timing Reports
    • OAM Applied Patches

  • 11i Oracle Applications Advanced Topics

    • Cloning Oracle Applications
    • OAM Rapid Clone