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11iIUCM 11i Implement and Use Cash Management

Oracle Course Description:
In this course, participants will learn about the key concepts of setting up Oracle Cash Management. They will learn how to enter and import bank statements using the bank statement open interface. They will be taught how to automatically and manually reconcile transactions.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
End Users
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Oracle Payables Release 11i or Oracle Receivables Release 11i
Course Content:
  • Oracle Cash Management Overview

  • Setting Up Oracle Cash Management

    • Setting up Oracle Payables and Receivables Bank Accounts
    • Setting up Oracle Payroll and Oracle Treasury
    • Setting up Oracle Cash Management System Parameters
    • Setting up Bank Transaction Codes

  • Managing Bank Statements

    • Loading Bank Statements Automatically
    • Validating Bank Statements
    • Reviewing Bank Statement Interface Errors
    • Correcting Bank Statement Interface Errors
    • Entering Bank Statement Information Manually
    • Updating Bank Statements

  • Reconciling Bank Statements

    • Reconciling Bank Statements Automatically
    • Defining Reconciliation Tolerances
    • Reconciling Multicurrency Transactions
    • Reconciling Bank Statements Manually
    • Reconciling Open Interface Transactions
    • Reconciling Bank Errors and Corrections
    • Creating Reconciled Bank Statement Lines
    • Reconciling Available Transactions, Batches

  • Cash Positioning

    • Creating Cash Positioning Worksheets
    • Generating Cash Forecast Using the Submit
    • Viewing Cash Position Results

  • Performing Cash Forecast

    • Defining Forecast Templates
    • Generating Cash Forecasts
    • Querying, Reviewing, and Modifying Cash Forecasts
    • Exporting Cash Forecasts to Microsoft Excel

  • Cash Pools

    • Creating Cash Pools
    • Reviewing and Updating Cash Pools