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11iTM:ISFA 11i Trade Management: Implementing Sales Force Automation

Oracle Course Description:
This course explains how to use Oracle Trade Management Sales Force Automation to address critical business requirements. The course contains information on trade planning and offer management to help you better plan for trade promotions and maximize profitability. The course explains how to use the Account Manager Dashboard to analyze past performance and monitor current performance to meet sales objectives. The course also explains the Indirect Sales Management process to manage payments and track funds when trade promotion activities are executed indirectly through retailers and wholesalers.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Functional Implementer
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Thorough knowledge of trade planning, budgets, claims and, Indirect sales management.
Course Content:
  • Overview of Oracle Trade Management

    • Description of Trade Management
    • Description of Oracle Trade Management
    • Benefits of Oracle Trade Management

  • Skills Required to Implement Trade Management

    • Understanding of Oracle Order Management and Oracle Receivables
    • Understanding of account planning and forecasting
    • Understanding of ROI (Return on Investment)

  • Sales Quotas and Targets

    • Creating a quota
    • Generating a product spread
    • Explaining top-down /bottom-up quota process
    • Modifying target allocations
    • Setting quota related alerts

  • Account Manager Dashboard

    • Using Quick Links on Account Manager Dashboard
    • Personalizing My Accounts

  • Creating Account Plans

    • Using Advanced Search
    • Updating Retail Price Points
    • Personalizing Sales Graph

  • Creating New Offers

    • Learning types of offers
    • Forecasting sales
    • Copying offers to offer worksheet
    • Defining customer performance
    • Approving an offer

  • Executing an Offer

    • Understanding offer approval process
    • Submitting an offer for approval

  • Managing Budgets and Expenses

    • Creating a top-down bottom-up budget process
    • Allocating a budget
    • Negotiating a budget
    • Viewing Customer Checkbook
    • Reconciling a budget

  • Integrating Indirect Sales Data

    • Importing a transaction through XML
    • Importing a transaction through WebADI
    • Understanding Chargeback process flow
    • Updating lines in a Chargeback