Network Training - Course Details

AUCCE-ACUCCE AUCCE - Administering Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise

Network Training Course Description:
In this course, you will learn how to administer Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise (CCE) and you will gain an understanding of the Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 system, the Intelligent Contact Management (ICM) routing application, and Cisco Outbound Option. You will learn to configure the Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 software and use the ICM routing software to route calls from Cisco Unified IP IVR and from Cisco Unified Communications Manager. You will also learn to use various ICM utilities to help you locate configuration errors, and you'll learn to configure the Cisco Outbound Option.
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
Cisco Unified Communications system channel partners and resellers,System engineers,Customers who will be configuring and maintaining the Cisco Unified CCE products
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Familiarity with call center operations,Microsoft Active Directory,Microsoft Windows 2003,Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Course Content:

  • 1. Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 Product Overview

    • Call Routing Options
    • Components of Cisco Unified CCE v8.0
    • Intelligent Contact Management Routing Techniques

  • 2. Configuring Cisco Unified CCE v8.0

    • Integrating Cisco Unified Communications Manager v8.0
    • Integrating Cisco Unified IP IVR
    • Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal
    • Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 Configurations
    • Agent Desktop Options
    • Using the Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 Script Editor

  • 3. Extended Functions

    • Creating Feature Control Sets and Users
    • Using Script Editor Utilities
    • Creating and Using Cisco Unified CCE v8.0 Variables
    • Configuring Access to an External Database
    • Adding Multiple Skill Groups

  • 4. Administrative Scripts and Translation Routing

    • Understanding Administrative Scripts
    • Understanding Translation Routing

  • 5. Configuring a Second Peripheral

    • New Peripheral Basic Configuration
    • Creating Translation Routes for Cisco Unified CCE v8.0
    • Enterprise Services and Skill Groups

  • 6. Configuring Cisco Outbound Option

    • Cisco Outbound Option Overview
    • Cisco Outbound Option Configuration

  • 7. Cisco Unified Intelligence Center (IC)

    • Cisco Unified IC Overview
    • Cisco Unified IC Reporting

  • Lab 1: Lab Topology

  • Lab 2: Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Lab 3: Admin Server (DCDNS) Installation and Configuration

  • Lab 4: Cisco Unified Communications Manager Server Installation and Configuration

  • Lab 5: Cisco Unified IP IVR Installation and Configuration

  • Lab 6: ICM Sprawler Installation and Configuration

  • Lab 7: Agent PC Configuration

  • Lab 8: Final Virtual Machine Preparation

  • Lab 9: Teardown and Restoration