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BPMGIEA/TOGAF(BPM310 BPM Governance integration to EA/TOGAF (BPM310)

SAP Course Description:
Know how to apply BPM Governance/ Methodology togethter with EA/TOGAF including how they interlink to the Business Model of the Company How BPM Governance/ Methodology are interlink with EA/TOGAF The value of working with an innovative business model which is strongly link to BPM/ EA (the operationalle processes) Integration points between BPM and EA/TOGAF (Metamodel, Artifacts and ADM)
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
Process/ Application/Business/ Technology Consultants and BPX Associate
SAP Course Prerequisite:
BPX Associate,BPM300 Governance Overview,SOA200 SAP Enterprise SOA - Enterprise Architecture Framework
Course Content: