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BPMM(BPM100) Business Process Management Methodology (BPM100)

SAP Course Description:
Explain and apply SAP´s 4 phases Business Process Management methodology (Calibration, As-Is-Analysis, To-Be-Design, Solution Transformation) Understand basic principles of process structuring (hierarchy model) Have all the methodological knowledge to optimize business processes and define business process landscapes Use the necessary tools for the analysis and optimization of business processes Understand the “hand-shake” between process design and succeeding IT realization
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
Solution Architects, Business Consultants, Application Consultants, Business Analysts
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Fundamental understanding of SAP,SAP01 SAP Overview,Fundamental understanding of SAP NetWeaver,SAPNW SAP NetWeaver - Overview,BPM Governance Overview,BPM300 Business Process Management Governance Overview
Course Content:
  • Overview

  • Business Process Management Methodolgy: 
       -Phase 1: Calibration (Link to strategy, define scope of project) 
       -Phase 2: As-Is analysis (Define parameters, analyze processes, identify process weaknesses) 
       -Phase 3: To-Be design (Optimize processes, design To-Be process model) 
       -Phase 4: Solution Transformation (Identify possible IT-based solution scenarios, develop IT roadmap)