Network Training - Course Details

CIACv311 Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud v3.1.1

Network Training Course Description:
Cisco Intelligent Automation for Cloud is a powerful software solution that supports cloud computing and data center automation. It helps to enable secure, on-demand IT operations in the virtual and physical infrastructure across compute, network, storage, and application domains. This 5-day course prepares implementation team members to actively and productively participate in all phases of an implementation and configuration project
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
Post-sales services architects,Sales engineers,Functional solutions consultants,Technical solutions architects
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Participants should have a general understanding of the Cisco data center and cloud portfolios. We recommend that participants have completed Cisco Cloud Builder or Cisco IAC Foundation training or that they have equivalent training or experience with cloud solutions before registering for this course. In addition, participants should have a background in implementing enterprise software. Programming skills are not required for this class.
Course Content:

  • Module 1: Overview

    • Solution architecture
    • Hands-on demonstration
    • Overview of IAC Cloud Object Model

  • Module 2: Import and Configure IAC 3.1.1

    • Overview of core software installation prerequisites and installation process
    • Import Process Orchestrator Automation Packs
    • Import Cloud Portal content: Services and Custom Portlets/Portal Pages
    • Manual configuration tasks (not included in the Configuration Wizard)
    • Configuration Wizard and Initial Setup
    • Agent Properties
    • Cloud Administration
    • Cloud Infrastructure and resource discovery
    • POD Management
    • System-Wide Settings
    • Shared Zones
    • Add Network
    • Provision a VM
    • Managing Servers
    • Error Remediation
    • Additional Capabilities: Overview of OS Installation and Baremetal Provisioning

  • Module 3: Enhancing IAC Components

    • Enhance standards (user interface options/reference data)
    • Configure approvals
    • Enhance email templates
    • Directory Integration and User Management
    • Branding and style sheets

  • Module 4: Organizations and Infrastructure

    • Support for multiple organizations/customers
    • Shared Zones and Virtual Data Centers
    • Cloud and Organization Administrator roles and activities
    • PODs and Networks: Community and Private Resources

  • Module 5: Cisco Prime Service Catalog Training

    • Organization Designer
    • Service Designer
    • Service Item Manager
    • Portal Designer
    • Service Link and Integrations

  • Module 6:Cisco Process Orchestrator Training

    • Process Editor Overview
    • Orchestrator Entities and Objects
    • Configuring Processes and Activities
    • XML and Web Services

  • Module 7: Service Catalog – Process Orchestrator Integration Lab

    • Configure and test an end-to-end integration using Service Catalog and Process Orchestrator

  • Module 8: IAC Customizations: Using IAC Extension Points

    • Concepts, Guidelines and Best Practices
    • Using Service Catalog Extension Points
    • Using Orchestrator Extension Points