Network Training - Course Details

CUOM-SM-CUOMSM CUOM-SM - Cisco Unified Operations Manager and Service Monitor

Network Training Course Description:
In this course, you will learn how to effectively use Cisco Unified Communications Management products, including Operations Manager, Service Monitor, and the Cisco 1040 sensors to manage Unified Communications (UC). In this course, you will gain knowledge about and practice with various features of Cisco Unified Operations Manager (OM), Service Monitor (SM), such as viewing unified communications devices, connectivity, alerts, and events; running diagnostic tests; and monitoring applications, devices, and the service quality of voice calls. Cisco Unified OM provides contextual diagnostic tools to facilitate trouble isolation and troubleshooting. Cisco Unified SM provides alerts and reports on service quality by monitoring active call streams. Labs reinforce what is discussed in the lecture.
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
IT network administrators and operators,Voice network administrators and operators,System administrators, system integrators, professional services, andconsultants
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Understanding of network management concepts (SNMP, MIBs, etc.),Experience using web browsers,TCP/IP networking experience,Knowledge of basic Cisco router and switch configuration, includingSwitched Port Analyzer (SPAN) ports and IP service level agreements (SLAs),Basic understanding of Cisco Unified Communications architecture,Knowledge of basic Cisco Communications Manager and Cisco Unityconfiguration principles,Windows system administration experience
Course Content:

  • 1. Introduction

    • Unified Communications
    • Managing Unified Communications
    • Cisco Unified Communications Management Suite

  • 2. Using Cisco Unified Operations Manager Version 8

    • Device Management
    • Fault Monitor and Diagnostic Views
    • Diagnostic Tests
    • Reports
    • Notification Services
    • Fine Tuning Polling and Threshold Settings

  • 3. Using Cisco Unified Service Monitor Version 8

    • Getting Started
    • Reports

  • 4. System Administration (Cisco Unified Operations Manager and Service Monitor Version 8)

    • Planning for Deployment
    • Integration with Other Applications
    • System Settings

  • Lab 1: Getting Started

  • Lab 2: Preparing Operations Manager for Initial Use

  • Lab 3: User-Defined Device Groups

  • Lab 4: Operations Manager Portlet Views

  • Lab 5: Diagnostic Tests

  • Lab 6: Reports

  • Lab 7: Notification Services

  • Lab 8: Custom Polling and Threshold Settings

  • Lab 9: Managing Call Quality