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DTGESOA(SOA300) Design Time Governance in Enterprise SOA (SOA300)

SAP Course Description:
This course will prepare you to understand the concept of enterprise SOA and enterprise services definition and implementation based on a mature design and modeling methodology derived from SAP Best Practices. This includes: -Business-driven enterprise services design and modeling methodology -Decomposing technical requirements into smaller more manageable process components and objects for reuse -Learn how to effectively leverage SAP delivered content for Enterprise Services -Best practices and guidelines to leverage a harmonized data models based on Global Data Types The course will use the Enterprise Services Repository delivered with SAP NetWeaver CE 7.1 or PI 7.1 as the modeling tool.
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
Enterprise Architects,Integration Architects,Solution Architects,Technology Consultants,Application Consultants,Development Managers
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Fundamental understanding of basic business processes,SOA100 Or SOA010 and SOA020,SOA120,SOA230
Course Content:
  • Introduction to Enterprise SOA Concepts (Methodology and Governance Process - Overview)

  • Business Semantics and Enterprise Service Modeling (Process Components,Integration Scenarios)

  • Service Signature Definition (Business Object Modeling, Service Derivation)

  • Service Implementation - Programming Model and Rules

  • Organizational Aspects, SAP delivered content and Outlook