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FA:CRMCSI Fusion Applications: CRM Cloud Service Implementation

Oracle Course Description:
This course is an introduction to get you started implementing CRM Cloud Service. It focuses on only those setups that are required to make the sample implementation work. For example, while this course introduces the concepts of territory management and shows you how to set up a simple territory model, you will need to take a territory management course to understand additional ways of setting up territories. Similarly, the course introduces the key concepts of Oracle Fusion application security, but you will need to take a separate course to be able to make any extensive modifications.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Functional Implementer,Implementation Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Course Overview

  • The InFusion Case Study

  • Functional Setup Manager and the CRM Cloud

    • Introduction to the Functional Setup Manager
    • Implementing in the Oracle Fusion CRM Cloud Service

  • Sales Automation Features You Can Use Without Setup

  • Importing Geography Reference Data (Basic Import)

    • Importing Geography Reference Data Lesson Objectives
    • Geography Model Concepts
    • Managing Geography User Interface
    • File-Based Import Overview
    • Importing the Geography Structure for a Country
    • Importing the Geography Data

  • Importing Customer Data (Advanced Import)

    • Importing Customer Data Overview
    • Understanding the Customer Model
    • Understanding Individual Attributes
    • Understanding the Structure of Data for Import
    • Importing File Templates

  • Creating Users and Managing Security

    • Different Ways of Creating Users
    • Building the Infusion Resource Management and Organization Hierarchies
    • Creating Resource Organizations
    • Creating a Resource Organization Demonstration
    • Creating a User Manually
    • Oracle Fusion CRM Security Basics
    • Extending the Autoprovisioning Rules
    • Creating Users and Managing Security

  • Creating Sales Catalogs and Making them Available for Selling and Forecasting

    • Sales Catalogs in CRM Applications
    • About Product Groups, Catalogs, and Categories
    • Catalog Types
    • Setting up your Catalog

  • Defining Territories

    • Geography Dimension
    • Managing Territory Zone Hierarchies
    • Identifying Visible Members
    • Enabling Dimensions and Metrics
    • Additional Configuration
    • Creating Territories

  • Setting Up Assignment

    • Assignment Overview
    • Assignment Prerequisites
    • Assignment Objects
    • Assignment Rules
    • Assignment Profile Options
    • Assignment Candidate Refresh

  • Setting Up Customer Center

    • Customer Center Overview
    • Decision Points
    • Customer Center Trees
    • Managing Common Customer Components
    • Managing Customer Center Assessments
    • Managing Profile Options
    • Managing Lookups
    • Managing Customer Center Assignment Objects

  • Setting Up Leads

    • Lead Management Overview
    • Managing Sales Lead Assessment Template
    • Configuring Assignment Manager for Sales Leads
    • Configuring Sales Leads - Lookups and Profiles
    • Configuring Customer Center for Sales Leads

  • Setting Up Forecasting

    • Select Forecasting Options
    • Defining Forecasting Lookups and Profile Options
    • Defining Sales Forecasting Configuration Activity

  • Setting up the Sales Dashboard

    • Understanding the Sales Dashboard

  • Defining Sales Methods

    • Sales Methods and Sales Stages Overview
    • Configuring Sales Methods and Sales Stages

  • Extending and Customizing Your Application