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FA:HCM:CHRP Fusion Applications: HCM: Core HR Payroll

Oracle Course Description:
This Fusion HCM: Core HR and Payroll Seminar gives you an overview of the direction of Fusion products. Expert instructors will discuss V1 products, as well as the use of embedded analytics.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Business Analysts,End Users,Functional Implementer,Implementation Consultant,Project Manager,Team Leader
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Oracle Fusion Functional Overview

    • Identify Fusion Applications
    • Understanding Coexistence Solution
    • Identify the Benefits of Open Standards
    • Identify Deployment Options
    • Identify the Adaption Scenarios
    • Identify the Reporting and Analysis Tools

  • Oracle Fusion HCM Overview

    • Functional Overview of Oracle Fusion HCM
    • Fusion User Experience
    • Fusion HCM Security Model
    • BI and OTBI for Fusion HCM

  • Oracle Fusion Terminology and Usability

    • Navigator
    • Watchlist
    • Worklist
    • User Interface
    • Globalization Key Terms
    • Effective Dating
    • Business Units
    • Set IDs

  • Fusion Work Structures

    • Enterprise Structures
    • Locations
    • Organizations
    • Jobs
    • Positions
    • Grades
    • Grade Ladders

  • Fusion HCM Person and Employment Models

    • Fusion Person Model
    • Worker Types
    • Fusion Employment Model
    • Manage Employment Information
    • Action Framework
    • Person Gallery

  • Fusion Payroll

    • Payroll Person Model
    • Payroll Interface
    • Payroll Setup Tasks
    • Fusion Elements
    • Fusion Deductions and Dedution Cards
    • Payroll Flows and Checklists
    • Batch Uploades
    • Calculate, Validate and Balance Payroll