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FA:PMI Fusion Applications: Project Management Implementation

Oracle Course Description:
This course provides training on the tasks required to set up Oracle Fusion Projects using the Project Management offering in Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager. Using lectures, instructor demonstrations, and hands-on activities, students learn how to configure components for creating, planning, and maintaining projects, capturing and monitoring costs, and recognizing revenue in Oracle Fusion Projects.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Implementation Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Functional Setup Manager

    • Overview of the Functional Setup Manager for Oracle Fusion Projects
    • Managing Implementation Projects

  • Case Study Overview

    • Overview of InFusion Corporation
    • Options and Features

  • Common Applications Configuration for Project Management

    • Overview of Common Applications Components
    • Defining Currencies and Currency Rates
    • Defining Enterprise Structures for Project Management
    • Defining Project Organizations
    • Defining Social Networking
    • Defining Security for Project Management
    • Maintaining Common Reference Objects
    • Defining WebLogic Communication Services Configuration

  • Defining Common Project Configuration

    • Defining Units of Measure for Project Management
    • Defining Subledger Accounting Rules
    • Defining Project Notes
    • Managing Employees and Contingent Workers
    • Managing Trading Community Parties
    • Defining Common Project Billing Configuration

  • Defining Project Foundation Configuration

    • Overview of Define Project Foundation Configuration
    • Defining Project Spaces
    • Defining Project Resources
    • Defining Rate Schedules and Costing Rules
    • Defining Labor Costing Business Unit Options
    • Defining Project Resource Breakdown Structures
    • Defining Burdening
    • Defining Business Unit Cross-Charge Options

  • Defining Project Costing Configuration

    • Defining General Costing Setup
    • Defining Allocations
    • Defining Capital Projects
    • Defining Capitalized Interest
    • Defining Capital Business Unit Options
    • Defining Expenditure Extensions
    • Defining Oracle Fusion Applications Integration

  • Defining Project Control Configuration

    • Managing Period Profiles
    • Managing Spread Curves
    • Managing Financial and Project Plan Types
    • Managing Project Control Descriptive Flexfields
    • Defining Budgeting and Forecasting Extensions

  • Defining Project Billing Configuration

    • Defining Billing Options
    • Defining Business Unit Project Billing Options
    • Defining Project Invoicing Options
    • Defining Additional Intercompany and Interproject Cross-Charge Options
    • Defining Business Unit Interproject Billing Options
    • Defining Project Billing Extensions
    • Defining Project Billing Options

  • Defining Project Performance Reporting Configuration

    • Defining Project Performance Reporting Configuration Overview
    • Managing Performance Reporting Options for Project Units
    • Creating Key Performance Indicators
    • Defining Region Personalization
    • Defining Summarization Options
    • Defining Project Performance Reporting Configuration

  • Defining Project Integration Gateway Configuration

    • Installing and Managing Integration Options
    • Creating Users for External Project Managers
    • Defining Project Templates
    • Defining Project Options
    • Defining Financial Options
    • Defining Reporting Options

  • Defining Transactional Business Intelligence Configuration

    • Managing Transactional Business Intelligence

  • Defining Extensions for Project Management

    • Managing Job Definitions

  • Testing the Setup