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FA:SF(TD) Fusion Applications: Security Fundamentals (Training On Demand)

Oracle Course Description:
The course goes beyond the modification of the delivered predefined roles and gives a risk-based approach to security management. This course is centered on business-driven security objectives.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Administrator Implementation Consultant,Security Administrators,Security Compliance Auditors,Security Compliance Professionals
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Previous exposure to a Fusion Applications implementation
Course Content:
  • Security Fundamentals Course Overview

  • Introduction to Oracle Fusion Applications

  • Functional Setup Manager Overview

  • Common Application Configuration Overview

    • Overview of InFusion Corporation
    • Defining Enterprise Structures
    • Manage Primary Ledgers
    • Ledger Security
    • Managing Business Units
    • Business Unit Security

  • Principal Security Goals

    • Areas of Risk
    • Components Ensuring Integrity
    • Hardening
    • Production User Roles
    • Identifying Orphaned, Ghost, or Inactive Accounts
    • Passwords and Credentials
    • Applications IDs
    • Managing Audit Policies

  • Managing Users

    • Implementation Users
    • How Initial Implementation Users Are Stored and Managed
    • Provisioning Initial Implementation Users with Roles
    • Application Users
    • How Application Users Are Created, Stored, and Managed
    • Comparing Applications Users to Initial Implementation Users
    • Creating Users
    • Importing Users

  • Managing Authorization

    • Security Reference Implementation
    • Role-Based Access Control Overview
    • Policies
    • Function Security
    • Data Security
    • Data Roles
    • Defining Data Security

  • Managing User Access Provisioning

    • Provisioning Roles to Users
    • Delegated Administration of Role Provisioning
    • Role Mappings Key Concepts
    • Role-Provisioning Strategies
    • Role Provisioning Rules
    • Role Provisioning Events

  • Managing Segregation of Duties

    • Predefined Segregation of Duties (SOD) Policies
    • Managing Application Access Controls
    • Detection
    • Reviewing Controls Monitors
    • Reviewing Detected Violations

  • Course Summary

    • Key Concepts
    • Key Terms
    • Security Reference Resources