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HIR1112:DRD Hyperion Interactive Reporting 11.1.2: Design Reports Dashboards

Oracle Course Description:
This course focuses on two main development tasks: Query and report building, and dashboard building. During the first two days, you learn to create queries against a relational data source and create reports with Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio. You begin with a pre-built data model and then learn to request items, filter and sort data, and process queries. Next, you use the results data to create tabular, pivot, chart, and band-style reports.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Business Analysts,Reports Developer
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Some knowledge of data warehouse and database concepts,Familiarity with Windows conventions
Course Content:
  • Product Overview

    • Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System
    • Reporting and Analysis Tools
    • Hyperion Interactive Reporting Architecture

  • Viewing Documents

    • Opening and Saving Documents
    • Navigating Documents
    • Refreshing Data and Organizing Sections
    • E-mailing and Printing Documents
    • Viewing Reports in Other Applications

  • Querying Data Sources

    • Querying Overview
    • Requesting Data
    • Filtering Data
    • Sorting Data
    • Aggregating Data
    • Controlling Query Processing

  • Creating Table Reports

    • Results and Table Sections Overview
    • Populating Table Reports with Data
    • Filtering Data
    • Sorting Data
    • Creating Totals
    • Formatting Data
    • Formatting Pages

  • Creating Pivot Reports

    • Populating Pivot Reports with Data
    • Adding Focus to Pivot Reports
    • Creating Totals
    • Formatting Data
    • Drilling into Data
    • Creating Chart Reports from Pivot Reports

  • Creating Chart Reports

    • Populating Chart Reports with Data
    • Adding Focus to Chart Reports
    • Modifying Chart Properties
    • Formatting Data
    • Drilling into Data
    • Creating Pivot Reports from Chart Reports

  • Creating Band-Style Reports

    • Populating Band-Style Reports with Data
    • Adding Focus to Band-Style Reports
    • Displaying Totals
    • Modifying Report Properties
    • Formatting Data
    • Adding Graphics to Reports
    • Embedding Pivot and Chart Reports
    • Formatting Pages

  • Workspace Overview

    • Workspace Modules
    • Interactive Reporting Content in Workspace
    • Opening, refreshing and saving documents
    • Synchronizing repository content
    • Importing a report into workspace
    • Roles and adaptive States
    • Users and groups

  • Dashboards Overview

    • Dashboard Types
    • Dashboard Benefits
    • Dashboard Content
    • Dashboard Features

  • Creating Dashboards in Workspace with the WebDash Template

    • WebDash Template Overview
    • Importing Documents into the WebDash Template
    • Build Dashboard Configuration Frame
    • Creating Local Filters
    • Creating Frames
    • Populating Frames
    • Modifying Frames
    • Viewing Dashboards

  • Creating Dashboards with Dashboard Studio

    • Dashboard Studio Wizard Overview
    • Creating and Populating Frames
    • Configuring Navigation
    • Configuring Filter Drop-down Lists
    • Configuring Dashboard Properties
    • Configuring Styles
    • Saving Master Documents

  • Configuring Dashboard Options

    • Creating Quick Filters
    • Creating Quick Slices
    • Creating Spotlighted Charts
    • Creating Links to Related Documents
    • Creating Wide Views
    • Configuring Hidden Facts in Pivot Reports
    • Configuring Sort Options in Pivot and Chart Reports
    • Creating Annotations

  • Creating Gauges and Live Charts

    • Interactive Dashboard Objects
    • Selecting and Adding Dashboard Gauges to Dashboards
    • Adding Slider Controls
    • Selecting and Adding Live Charts to Dashboards
    • Configuring Shortcut Menus
    • Creating Interactive Dashboards with Embedded Section Objects
    • Modifying Embedded Section Object Properties
    • Interacting with Dashboards in Workspace