Oracle - Course Details

HWA1112:DR Hyperion Web Analysis 11.1.2: Design Reports

Oracle Course Description:
In this course, you learn how to create, manipulate, and maintain Web Analysis documents in Workspace and Web Analysis Studio. You also learn to create database connections, manage user roles, and set document permissions. You acquire hands-on experience building simple and complex views of data; creating spreadsheets, charts, pinboards, and custom Web Analysis documents; setting traffic lighting; and managing formats.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Business Analysts,End Users,Reports Developer
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Knowledge of spreadsheets,Basic Microsoft Windows skills,Familiarity with basic accounting concepts,Familiarity with one or more data sources, such as Essbase, Financial Management, or relational sources
Course Content:
  • Web Analysis Overview

    • Oracle’s Enterprise Performance Management System
    • Web Analysis Architecture
    • Key Concepts
    • Navigating Workspace
    • Navigating Web Analysis Studio
    • Workspace and Web Analysis Studio Tasks

  • Manipulating Web Analysis Content

    • Data Structure Hierarchies
    • Navigating Documents
    • Manipulating Data

  • Distributing Web Analysis Content

    • Content Distribution Overview
    • Printing Web Analysis Content
    • Exporting and Importing Web Analysis Content

  • Creating Web Analysis Documents

    • Creating Documents in Web Analysis Studio
    • Setting Format Options
    • Creating Chart Views

  • Creating Web Analysis Documents in Workspace

    • Creating Documents with Document Wizard
    • Creating Documents with Data Layout Feature

  • Working with Analysis Tools

    • Analysis Tools Overview
    • Changing Data Visibility
    • Creating Calculations
    • Managing Analysis Tools

  • Adding Traffic Lighting and Creating Pinboards

    • Adding Traffic Lighting
    • Creating Pinboards

  • Setting User Preferences

    • Selecting User Preferences
    • Managing Content Access
    • Defining Personal Variables

  • Working with Point of View Definitions

    • Point of View Definitions
    • User Point of View
    • Creating and Applying User POVs

  • Linking Content and Documents

    • Linking Related Content
    • Linking Documents

  • Creating Custom Web Analysis Documents

    • Custom Web Analysis Documents Overview
    • Customizing Web Analysis Documents
    • Controlling Free-Form Grid Content
    • Designing Documents for HTML Mode

  • Administering Web Analysis

    • User Provisioning
    • Setting Item Permissions
    • Creating Data Source Connections
    • Connecting to Relational Data Sources