Network Training - Course Details

ICOSV30 Installing, Configuring and Operating StadiumVision 3.0

Network Training Course Description:
The StadiumVision Installation and Operation (Technical Track) course is a five-day lecture/lab course which provides StadiumVision operators and engineers with the knowledge and skills necessary to implement and maintain a Cisco StadiumVision implementation on an existing Connected Stadium infrastructure.
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
Attendance to the Stadium Vision class is by invitation only which is approved by the Cisco Stadium Vision Business Unit prior to enrollment. Please contact your Skyline-ATS Account Manager to request an invitation
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Cisco Introduction to Video Compression (E-Learning course) (separate fee),previous training or experience with data networking – CCNA or equivalent,previous training or experience with video and graphics content
Course Content:

  • Module 1: Introduction to StadiumVision

  • Module 2: StadiumVision Functional Overview

  • Module 3: StadiumVision Director Install and Upgrade

  • Module 4: StadiumVision Video Delivery

  • Module 5: StadiumVision Management Dashboard

  • Module 6: Zone, Group and Event Scripts Primer

  • Module 7: Content

  • Module 8: Zones and Groups

  • Module 9: Event Script

  • Module 10: Video Playlists

  • Module 11: Video Walls

  • Module 12: Dynamic Menu Boards

  • Module 13: Local TV Control

  • Module 14: In-suite Point-of-Sale Integration

  • Module 15: Backup, Restore and Redundancy

  • Module 16: Advanced Labs and Activities

  • Module 17: Head End