Network Training - Course Details

IINS20-ICIOSNS IINS 2.0 - Implementing Cisco IOS Network Security

Network Training Course Description:
In this course, you'll focus on the necessity of a comprehensive securitypolicy and how it affects the posture of the network. You will also learn how toanalyze and mitigate attacks, taking the mystery out of them. You will learn to perform basic tasks to secure a small branch type officenetwork using Cisco IOS security features available through web-based GUIs(Cisco Router and Cisco Security Professional [CCP]) and the command-lineinterface (CLI) on the Cisco routers and switches.
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
Network designers,Network SAN security administrators,Network, systems, and security engineers,Network and security managers
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Working knowledge of the Windows operating system
Course Content:

  • 1. Networking Security Fundamentals

    • Networking Security Concepts
    • Security Policies Using a Lifecycle Approach
    • Building a Security Strategy for Borderless Networks

  • 2. Protecting the Network Infrastructure

    • Cisco Network Foundation Protection
    • Protecting the Network Infrastructure Using Cisco Configuration Professional
    • Securing the Management Plane on Cisco IOS Devices
    • Configuring AAA on Cisco IOS Devices Using Cisco Secure ACS
    • Securing the Data Plane on Cisco Catalyst Switches
    • Securing the Data Plane in IPv6 Environments

  • 3. Threat Control and Containment

    • Planning a Threat Control Strategy
    • Implementing Access Control Lists for Threat Mitigation
    • Firewall Fundamentals
    • Implementing Cisco IOS Zone-Based Policy Firewalls
    • Configuring Basic Firewall Policies on Cisco ASA
    • IPS Fundamentals
    • Implementing Cisco IOS IPS

  • 4. Secure Connectivity

    • Fundamentals of VPN Technologies
    • Public Key Infrastructure
    • IPSec Fundamentals
    • Implementing Site-to-Site VPNs on Cisco IOS Routers
    • Implementing SSL VPNs Using Cisco ASA

  • Lab 1: Ethical Hacking

  • Lab 2: Securing Admin Access with CLI

  • Lab 3: Cisco Configuration Professional (CCP)

  • Lab 4: Secure Management and Reporting

  • Lab 5: Configuring IOS AAA with ACS

  • Lab 6: Layer 2 Security

  • Lab 7: ACLs and IPv6

  • Lab 8: IOS Zone-Based Firewall

  • Lab 9: ASA Basic Setup with ASDM

  • Lab 10: IOS IPS

  • Lab 11: Site-to-Site VPN Traditional IPSec

  • Lab 12: Site-to-Site GRE and IPSec

  • Lab 13: SSL VPN with the ASA