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IPCAS-CIPCCEAS IPCAS - Cisco IPCC Enterprise Advanced Scripting

Network Training Course Description:
In IPCAS - Cisco IPCC Enterprise Advanced Scripting, you will learn toconvert business requirements into a call-flow design and then into scripts thatprovide the routing information to routing clients. The process includesconfiguring, scripting, and testing complex call flows. Additional topicsinclude database lookup features, custom formulas, and custom functions.
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
Individuals who deploy or support Cisco IPCC Enterprise/ICM and individuals who are responsible for implementing end-to-end call flow design for contact centers
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Understanding of call center operations,Experience with Cisco IPCC Enterprise application configuration, administration, and scripting
Course Content:

  • 1. Script Editor Interface

  • 2. Basic Scripting Overview

  • 3. Routing Logic

  • 4. Business Rules Development

  • 5. Formula Editor, Built-In Functions, Custom Functions

  • 6. Database Routing

  • 7. Advanced Features

  • Lab 1: Learn application discovery and design

  • Lab 2: Create routing script for Cisco IPCC Enterprise environment with Cisco IPIVR prompts

  • Lab 3: Create administrative script for Cisco IPCC Enterprise environment

  • Lab 4: Validate and troubleshoot scripts

  • Lab 5: Add database routing feature to routing script