SAP - Course Details

IQS:F(BOG210) Information Quality Suite: Fundamentals (BOG210)

SAP Course Description:
This three-day course provides you with functional training and hands- on experience with Firstlogic’s suite of data quality solutions: FirstPrep, ACE, DataRight IQ and Match/Consolidate. The focus of the course is on real-world scenarios and practical interaction with the Firstlogic applications, providing explanations and demonstrations of the essential functions and features of each application as well as ample practice time with each application.
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
The audience for this course is new users of Firstlogic software. The course has been designed to enable data processors, who are not necessarily IT professionals, to use Firstlogic software to set-up and run data cleansing, matching and/or postal compliance processes on their corporate or client data.
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Not applicable for this offering,Working knowledge of your operating system,Understanding of the USPS requirements
Course Content:
  • Fundamentals of Data Quality and Mailing, File Preparation and ACE 
       -Roles and trends in data quality 
       -An integrated data flow approach to Firstlogic processes 
       -Input capabilities and requirements – files and fields 
       -Using FirstPrep to generate support files 
       -FirstPrep utilities 
       -Overview of ACE functionality 
       -ACE dictionaries and directories 
       -Data parsing 
       -Standardization options 
       -Input/output files 
       -Multi-line options 
       -ACE wizard 
       -ACE utilities 
       -Job file orientation

  • DataRight IQ / DataRight 
       -Overview of DTR IQ functionality 
       -DTR IQ dictionaries and directories 
       -Standardization/assignment options 
       -Input/output files 
       -Basics of search and replace 
       -Basics of scan and split 
       -Basics of modify PW fields 
       -Basics of UMD

  • Match / Consolidate 
       -Overview of MCD functionality 
       -MCD dictionaries and directories 
       -Match criteria 
       -Match options 
       -Input/output files 
       -Basics of multiple level matching 
       -Basics of association matching 
       -Basics of constant key