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MM3 SAP MM Internal Procurement Stock Transfer with Delivery (User)

SAP Course Description:
This course describes the stock transfer, or internal procurement, between two plants within the same company code in SAP. Stock transfer from plant BP01 to plant BP02, both in company code BP01. This course covers the internal procurement process with SD delivery. COURSE GOALS: Introduction to SAP internal procurement
SAP Course Duration:
1 Day Training.
SAP Course Target Audience:
SAP MM users.
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Stock Posting (MIGO)

  • Stock Overview (MMBE)

  • Stock Transport Order (ME21N)

  • Outbound Delivery for Stock Transport Order (VL10B)

  • Pick Outbound Delivery (VL02N)

  • Goods Issue for Delivery (VL02N)

  • Display Stock in Transit (MB5T)

  • Goods Receipt for Stock Transport Order (MIGO)