Network Training - Course Details

NSBAT(NS-101) Network Security Basic Administration Training (NS-101)

Network Training Course Description:
This course, formerly titled Network Security Essentials Administrator,provides you with the background, knowledge, and hands-on experience to begindesigning, implementing, and troubleshooting SonicWALL security appliancesrunning SonicOS firmware. Attend this course by December 31, 2013 and receive one Dell SonicWALL TZ 205 TotalSecure network security appliance and a one year Comprehensive Gateway Security Suite license.
Network Training Course Duration:
Network Training Course Target Audience:
System engineers, channel partners, service partners, and system administrators
Network Training Course Prerequisite:
Basic knowledge of networking concepts, network topologies, and the OSI modelof networking protocol stacks,Understanding of TCP/IP, network addressing, subnets, and Network AddressTranslation (NAT),Knowledge of basic router concepts,Familiarity with IPSec functionality and implementation
Course Content:

  • 1. Course Introduction

  • 2. Operating System Fundamentals

    • Registration
    • OS Fundamentals
    • System Backup and Restore

  • 3. Scalability and Reliability

    • WAN ISP Failover and Ethernet Load Balancing
    • Policy-Based Routing
    • High Availability

  • 4. Secure Access and Content Control

    • VPN: Gateway-to-Gateway, Hub and Spoke, Mesh
    • Route-Based VPN
    • GVC with Local User DB
    • SSL VPN with Local User Database
    • SSL VPN and Global VPN Client with LDAP Authentication
    • Content Filtering Service
    • Content Filtering Service Using Single Sign-On

  • 5. Unified Threat Management

  • 6. Secure Wireless Overview

    • Wireless Products
    • Wireless Threats
    • Wireless Solutions

  • Lab 1: Updating the SonicOS Enhanced Firmware

  • Lab 2: Initial Setup and Configuration

  • Lab 3: SonicWALL Administration

  • Lab 4: NAT: Inbound Server Access

  • Lab 5: WAN ISP Failover and Outbound Load

  • Lab 6: Policy-Based Routing

  • Lab 7: Site-to-Site VPN Settings

  • Lab 8: Hub and Spoke VPN Settings (Optional)

  • Lab 9: Route-Based VPN

  • Lab 10: Global VPN Client with Local Database (Optional)

  • Lab 11: SSL VPN with Local Database

  • Lab 12: SSL VPN with LDAP Authentication

  • Lab 13: Content Filtering Service with LDAP

  • Lab 14: CFS with LDAP Authentication Using Single Sign-On

  • Lab 15: Unified Threat Management