SAP - Course Details

OSOPDHABAVC(TZSCSOV) Overview of Sales & Operations Planning on Demand powered by HANA Virtual Class (TZSCSOV)

SAP Course Description:
Use S&OP System Configure S&OP System Import Data Define and Activate S&OP Model
SAP Course Duration:
SAP Course Target Audience:
Application Consultants and Key Users ,Project Manager ,Support Consultants
SAP Course Prerequisite:
Course Content:
  • Part 1: Getting to Know Sales & Operations Planning 
       -What is S&OP? 
       -Basic demo of the system – "Big Picture"

  • Part 2: Sales & Operations Planning setup and operations

  • Sales & Operations Planning Account Set-Up 
       -1. User Management 
       -2. Process Modeling

  • Data Integration in S&OP 
       -1. Data Import Manifest File 
       -2. Input Data File 
       -3. Viewing a Report of the Data Upload

  • S&OP Hana Cloud Deployment & Security

  • Excel Planning and Reporting 
       -1. S&OP Excel Add-in Setup 
       -2. Configuring the S&OP Add-in Connection 
       -3. Familiarize with S&OP excel add in for planning 
       -4. Generating Planning Views 
       -5. Managing Planning Views 
       -6. Scenario Planning

  • Analytics 
       -1. Generating Datasets and Visualizations
       -2. Creating and Managing Visualizations

  • Collaboration 
       -1. Using an Activity to make a decision 
       -2. Adding content to an Activity

  • Data Modeling 
       -1. Overview of key concepts 
       -2. Data Model Configuration


  • Model Configuration Reference Tables

  • Global Configuration Options