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OraBI10g:AOSSC Oracle BI 10g: Analytics Overview Self-Study Course

Oracle Course Description:
The course begins with an introduction to fundamental concepts related to business intelligence and dimensional modeling. You will explore Oracle BI Enterprise Edition user interfaces, including Oracle BI Answers, which is used to generate, modify, organize, and share Analytical requests for viewing within Intelligence Dashboards. This course also provides an overview of the Oracle BI Administration Tool, which is used to view and configure an Oracle BI repository. The course includes descriptions of the components that compose the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition architecture. You will also be introduced to prebuilt Oracle Business Intelligence Applications as well as integration with Oracle BI Publisher.
Oracle Course Duration:
Self Placed
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Functional Implementer,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Domain experience in business intelligence, data warehouse design, and database design
Course Content:
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition: Overview

    • Define and describe business analytics and business intelligence
    • Identify the analytical business challenge and the solution provided by Oracle BI products
    • Define and describe data warehousing and data modeling
    • Identify and describe the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition products used to support business intelligence requirements

  • Exploring the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition User Interface

    • Use Oracle BI Answers to construct, modify, and save analytics requests
    • Navigate a Oracle BI Analytics Intelligence Dashboard

  • Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Architecture

    • Identify the major components that make up the Oracle BI Enterprise Edition architecture
    • Describe the role of key components in the architecture
    • Describe the relationships among the components

  • Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Repository Basics

    • Identify and describe the three layers of an Oracle BI Repository and how they relate to one another
    • Use the Oracle BI Administration Tool to explore repository objects
    • Identify and describe repository features and functions

  • Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

    • Identify and describe the prebuilt components of Oracle Business Intelligence Applications

  • Integration with Oracle BI Publisher

    • Publish a BI Publisher report created from Answers request
    • Publish a BI Publisher report created from BI Server repository