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OraBI11g:NFE Oracle BI 11g: New Features and Exalytics

Oracle Course Description:
This Oracle BI 11g: New Features and Exalytics training teaches you about the BI Machine, its benefits, components and architecture. You'll learn about the enhancements in Oracle BI EE and Oracle BI Publisher as well as the Oracle Summary Adviser (a component designed to help you improve performance), BI Composer (an easy to use wizard for creating analyses) and enhancements in BI Mobile.
Oracle Course Duration:
Oracle Course Target Audience:
Administrator,Application Developers,Business Analysts,Business Intelligence Developer,Developer,Implementation Consultant,Reports Developer,Technical Consultant
Oracle Course Prerequisite:
Knowledge of BI Publisher,Knowledge of OBIEE
Course Content:
  • Exploring Extreme Analytics with the BI Machine

    • Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine Overview
    • Why Use Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine?
    • Examining Oracle Exalytics Topology
    • Oracle Analytics In-Memory Architecture
    • Oracle WebLogic Server, BI Foundation, and Fusion Middleware
    • TimesTen and "Essbase on Exalytics"
    • Techniques for leveraging In-Memory Databases
    • Benefits of Exalytics

  • Enhancing Oracle BI Enterprise Edition

    • Oracle BI EE housekeeping changes (My Account, Favorites menu, BI Client Installer, Search)
    • Right-click Interaction Menus
    • Examining the Selection Steps view
    • Enhancing Selections - Family Relationships (Siblings of, Leaves of)

  • Enhancing BI Views and Prompts

    • Creating Simple Trellis graphs
    • Creating Advanced Trellis graphs
    • Optional Apply and Reset buttons
    • Auto-complete functionality
    • Options for Reset Buttons
    • Edit and Copy links
    • Vertical or horizontal layout for Prompts

  • Enhancing Oracle BI Publisher

    • Adding and managing Favorites
    • Creating a report by using the Create Report Wizard
    • Examining Parameter and LOV enhancements (configuring radio buttons and checkboxes, Apply button)
    • Examining the enhancements to Report Viewer
    • Parameter Search option
    • Exploring Scheduled Jobs enhancements (editing a job, using a trigger)

  • BI Composer, Scorecard, and BI Mobile

    • Creating an analysis by using BI Composer
    • Using additional right-click Menu options in Scorecards
    • Setting targets in KPI
    • New Home screen in iPads
    • Configuring BI Mobile
    • Working with Tables, Pivot tables, Graphs, and Maps Views in BI Mobile
    • Working with Prompts in BI Mobile
    • Working with BI Content Options in BI Mobile

  • Working with BI Tools

    • Nesting Presentation Layer folders and controlling object visibility
    • Checking modeling problems with Model Checker
    • Describing Summary Advisor
    • Setting up Summary Advisor
    • Exploring the Summary Advisor Wizard
    • Reviewing Enhancements to Enterprise Manager
    • Demonstration on Summary Advisor